wednesday on the web.


First - thank you for your comments about the possibility of moving. It's sometimes (always) scary to say big ideas out loud! I'll be spending the winter planning, painting, and watching apartment lists. There's a brand spanking new development nearby that doesn't have exposed brick, but DOES have a lot of qualities that I like. I'm going to take Barb's advice and do a walk-through to just see if the vibe feels right. 

I haven't done a Wednesday on the Web in a very long time. Here's what I'm digging on the interwebs right now....

I've read this post every day for a week. The concept of sitting in witness is so powerful. I (too) often judge my reactions as being flawed. I'm practicing just noticing & naming them instead. 

Wanting to read this book...and reminding myself that I need to renew my library card.

I went to the farmstand at lunch yesterday to buy delicata squash for this recipe.

I'm going to block out a chunk of time this weekend to read these money memoirs. (Speaking of money, I'm trying out Moven.)

With thanks to Lee for pointing me in the right direction, I've signed up for this book club (starts in January). Would love some local friends to join me! (I'm joining Pamela Clark's group)

Katrina's writing steadies me. 

I'll be glued to my computer on Sunday for Dani and Oprah

What are you reading on the web? Please share!

ventage tuesday : i pledge my love

VentagetuesdaysI think that I need to start writing my Tuesday posts on Monday. Otherwise, they end up dangerously close to Wednesday. Anyway. Today's Ventage Tuesday is about L-O-V-E. The Ventage Girls aren't all hearts & flowers, but we're sharing our love for 5 things/people/whatevs in our lives this week. My five...

1. The Internet. Seriously. I looooove the interwebs. Let's remember that I wouldn't even KNOW the Ventage Girls without the web. It's a magical place. I read a lot about taking digital sabbaticals...going 'unplugged' for a period of time....and I'm all "can't I just donate a kidney or something??" 

2. Coffee. The first sip of coffee each day is one of my favorite things ever. I often say aloud, "Oh my. That's good." I love the warmth, the taste, and the ritual. 

3. Possibility. I get giddy when I allow myself to think about all of the "what ifs" that are in front of me. Possibility is downright intoxicating. The notion that I can still, at forty-two, decide who/what/where I want to be is so amazing.

4. Words. I adore the written word in many forms - books, blogs, emails, texts, tweets - really, if I can type out words on my keyboard or phone, I'm smitten. For an introvert like me, words are things to be lovingly crafted & pondered. I often agonize over just the right combination of words. There's an element of indelibility in the written word that should be respected.

5. California. It's absurd that I haven't been to California in over a year. True story - each & every time I fly there, I get teary-eyed as soon as the pilot says "we've begun our descent." California is my history. It will always hold a piece of my heart. 

Be sure to check out the other Ventage Loves - Angie, Stephanie, Barb, & Em

11/21 wednesday on the web : the gratitude edition

Small confession: I have a stack of cards ready to be mailed for my 30 Days of Thank You. It's the thought, and the gratitude, that counts! Today, I want to say "thank you" to a handful of bloggers that are a part of my daily life -  
Ali Edwards - In addition to her crazy brilliant scrapbooking skills, Ali inspires me with her grace, her parenting, and her kindness. She is a great writer (a common thread among the folks you'll see in today's list), and has such a creative eye that she makes me see things in a different way. I don't often comment on her blog b/c my introvert nature whimpers at getting lost in the crowd. Ali, thank you for sharing your life & adding inspiration to my days. 
Ashley Ann @ Under the Sycamore Tree - I followed this family's adoption story with rapt attention. I cried tears of pure happiness when she posted about finally picking up her Little One. Her kids make me smile, and her creativity makes me want to be more creative. Oh, and she's from Oklahoma! Which must mean that we're related somehow. Wait, maybe that's only Caddo. Ashley Ann, thank you for letting your readers come along on your incredible journey. 
Amy Estes @ Coffee & Sunshine - I often send links to Amy's blog to friends with the simple intro of "this. YES." She's awesome. She practices yoga. She keeps it real. I want to have coffee with her. Amy, thank you for being a kindred spirit. 
Catherine @ Design Editor - I adore her Project Life. ADORE. I fully expect her to be on Becky's Creative Team. She is such a gifted person. Her friday font pics are spot-on, and her digi downloads are some of my faves. Catherine, thank you for sharing your rock! 
Marc & Angel Hack Life - What in the world can I say about Marc & Angel? Their lists are printed & plastered all over my office. If you aren't reading them, WHY NOT? Their posts resonate with me something fierce. Marc & Angel, thank you for making me think, reflect, and do better. 
And to each & every one of YOU who read my ramblings here - THANK YOU. I am so grateful for you. 

10/03/12 : wednesday on the web

WedonthewebOh how I love Starbucks humor

Can't get enough pumpkin this fall? Might I suggest this (which I just applied after digging it out from a pile on my desk) - yummy! 

I dare you.

Apparently people named Lisa were given EXTRA style sense. People named Katrina? Not so much. Love both Lisa and Lisa for their style & color combos.

Inspired by Lisa L, I think that I'm going to buy these shoes. In orange. 

Iphone wallpapers make me smile.

This list web/app is making me very happy.

I made this hot cocoa mix recipe the other night. It was yummy, despite the fact that the only bar of bittersweet chocolate that I had was suffering from a serious case of fat bloom. Oh, and this makes a ton of mix - I cut it in half, and still filled 1 and 1/2 mason jars. 


06/06 : wednesday on the web

I haven't written a Wednesday on the Web post in a while, so I thought I'd take a minute to share some of the places that loving on line right now...

Are you a feaster? I am. I sooo am. 

beautiful writing & such a peaceful blog.

I made sweet potato tacos & fell in love. And then I fell in love with the witty writing (and fab recipes) offered up by Bev Cooks.

I wonder if they'd do a "shift" temp tattoo? Oh wait! There's one here.

I am such a sucker for a chick flick. Can't wait to see this when I get back from CR.

May need to feed my cookbook addiction with this.

What have you been finding online?

wednesday : on the web.

I spend a chunk of time each day reading blogs, checking out pinterest, and clicking around the web. I'll admit that it's almost constant - I read while I drink my coffee and sit in front of my happy light in the morning, browse a few pins if I'm on hold for a conference call, read a blog or two during my lunch break, and log back on at night for more reading. Fortunately, I read really fast - so I can take in a lot of information! It's my alternative to TV, really - entertainment, information, and inspiration all rolled into one. And b/c I adore when blogs that I read send me on treasure hunts of new (to me) sites, I thought I'd share a few things that I'm enjoying right now...

Susan Weinwroth - her blog always makes me smile. Bright colors, beautiful family, and a sense that her family has so much fun

(extra)ordinary: hallmark - i devour Kelle's blog daily. This post had me saying "YES, that." I want to look for more ways to inject a little bit of extra into the ordinary. 

the happiness advantage - i haven't had a chance to watch this video yet, but i will! i like the reminder to practice gratitude and minimize negativity. (I'm good at the former, not the latter)

enjoy every sandwich - really can't wait to read this book.

the secret power of middle children - stumbled upon this yesterday and started reading it last night! 

eats well with others - love cooking/foodie blogs.

I'd love for you to send me on a treasure hunt today - what are you loving on the web these days?