the master list of projects.

Bottles(random photo taken in montreal that has nothing to do with this post)

I've reached a point where I am behind on more things than not. No complaints, no pity party....just a fact that I'm trying to get my hands around. For the last few days, I get a glimmer of inspiration & motivation at about 2:00 in the afternoon. Y'know, when I'm at work, and buried in work stuff. I devise grand plans of what I'm going to accomplish after dinner, and then? The internet happens. And before I know it, it's 10pm, and it's time for me to go to bed and check Instagram/Pinterest/Facebookonelasttime on my phone...and then sleep. So. An accounting of what I'm thinking about working on, and planning to get back to....

Project Life. I haven't fallen in love with it yet this year. It will happen. I'm still grappling (isn't that a great dramatic word?) with the implications of a smaller size & monthly focus. And by "grappling," I mean deciding that I'm probably going to return to weekly spreads, but stay with the smaller format. Weighty decisions. Clearly. 

One Little Word. It's present. It's good. As I've mentioned, FORWARD is serving as more of a foundation this year. Even baby steps move me forward. 

52 Lists. Still love the concept, and still love the prompts. Just need to put fingers to keyboard. This might be an in-flight project on Monday as I fly west again. 

Reading. Does reading count as a project? I've got several books that I'm really anxious to get started on - just need to schedule in some time. REALLY looking forward to spring days that invite reading outside (I'm giving Winter Storm Vulcan the stink eye). 

The Kitchn Cooking Cure. Angie emailed yesterday asking if we (the girls) wanted to play along (rewinding to the beginning) - and of course, I said yes. Because this project list isn't long enough yet. Also, because I like cooking. Also, food.

Photo books. In the grand plan to declutter & downsize, I'm going to put together photo books of things like kids artwork in an effort to reduce the actual paper that is stuffed into corners of my office. 

Barb & Kat's Excellent Adventures Smash Book. There's another excellent adventure being planned (NOLA!), so I need/want to get the last few documented smash-book style. Are Smash Books still a thing? I have no idea....

The Desire Map. Did you see that Danielle Laporte made her digi subscription FREE? Yup. Get #desiremap right here. I'm still working with Freedom, Ease, Lightness & Strength. 

And...that's a wrap (at least for now). I regret to inform you that cleaning my house didn't make the project list. What are you working on?



Traveling Smash - KP's book.

I mentioned a few months ago that I have the privilege of doing a Traveling Smash project with some dear friends. It's an amazing group of women and I'm so excited to see how this project develops over the year. I inherited Kelly's book first - which shouldn't intimidate me b/c 1)I came up with the order, so I knew I was getting her book first and 2)Kelly is one of the sweetest people that I know. But, ahem, she's also a scrapbooking rockstar. Eeks. Kelly's book is now on it's merry way to Lain, but I thought I'd share a peek here...

Smash full

Traveling smash close

After I took the photos, I realized that I neglected to write anything about wine. What?? How could I forget the wine? That's the fun thing about SMASH books, though...they're not meant to be pristine. So I just back and wrote a "PS" note and called it good. 

sisterhood of the traveling smash.

A few months ago, a co-worker made a comment about my circle of friends - the circle that is made up of friends from school, friends from scrapbooking, and friends who are practically family. She (the co-worker) said "oh, I wish that I had a Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants group like that." Being a huge Sisterhood fan myself, the comment stuck with me. Several days later, I was working on a Smash book about adventures with that same group of friends. The next night, while driving home, this idea came to me - 

Sisterhood of the Traveling Smash.

I like naming things. I did what I normally do when I have an idea that might be dumb - I emailed Barb. She confirmed that she was in, which is pretty much like a gold star. And just like that, the Sisterhood of the Traveling Smash started coming together. What is it? It's Smash book (oh, sorry Barb - SMASH book - Barb prefers all caps) meets circle journal. We each buy a SMASH book, decorate it how we see fit, throw in some "rules" and then mail if off to the next person on the list. That person adds in a few pages (working loosely on a "day in the life" theme) and mails it to the next person - and so on & so on. 

I am very excited about this project. 

The Sisterhood: 












So freakin' excited.

My SMASH book is ready to roll - I'll be mailing it off to Lain later this week. Here's a peek -