seven practices in the seventh month.

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I've bounced around a lot with monthly goal setting this year. I've tried to follow the lead of people who inspire me (like Lee and Elise), and set four firm goals. Sometimes, that creates focus. Sometimes, it just adds to the noise, and results in rushing back to the list at the last minute to see if I can accomplish everything in the last day or two of the month. Sometimes, it just feels uninspiring - simply 4 more things on my to-do list.

So. Back to practicing, I go. The practices that I mentioned at the beginning of the year still hold true - so you'll see some redundancy in the list below. 

1. a self-care practice - I'm already in love with Bella's 31 Days in July. It's familiar in some ways, and stretching my comfort zone in others. 

2. a photography practice - even though my iPhone is constantly with me, there are still days that I don't take a single photo. Wanting to change that. Photos help me see my life from a different perspective. 

3. a meditation practice - I have been super consistent about meditation this year, and I will continue to practice in July. 

4. a movement practice - I've gotten off track thanks to travel & work & life. Wanting to incorporate more movement, in many forms - walking, running, biking, yoga. I haven't been to barre in a while (I miss you, Hermine!), but know that I will return at some point. 

5. a vision boarding practice - in the workshops that I facilitate for co-workers, we coach a lot of visioning - what do they want the business to look like? What does success look like? In July, I'm going to devote some time to applying those principles to my own life - through the vision board in my office, my Pinterest boards, and my vision book. 

6. a writing practice - I'm following the ALM Writes prompts for July (using 750words). 

7. a reading practice - I finished off 4 books from my summer reading list in June...11 to go! 

What are you practicing this month?

2014 Project Life : weeks 20 & 21.


I struggled with this week - the main event was my trip to NOLA with Barb, and this smaller format doesn't lend itself to big stories. So. What you see above is the bookends of the week - and then I added another page that included snippets of NOLA on both sides. 

PL NOLAOn the second "bookend" page, I added a small flip pocket with the tag from my Trader Joe's bag - yes, THAT'S how excited I was for that opening!


Week 21 took an abrupt turn when my Grandfather died. While I do have a handful of photos of family, I opted to simply add a picture, and the lyrics to "Peace in the Valley" of the songs that was played at his memorial. The program from the service is tucked behind that card. 


I'm slowly, but surely, catching up on Project Life. I'll add June to this album, and then move to the next album. I've already decided that I'll switch back to the 12x12 albums for 2015. More room to tell stories, more room to include quotes/lyrics, and more room to include ephemera. 


it's a good life, hazel grace.


Oh, summer are so good to me. I know that yesterday was the official start to summer, but the past week+ has offered up glorious days (even the rainy ones), a vibrant social calendar, and the chance to embrace lots of happy moments. 

Interesting - last monday, I became hyper-aware of the fact that after a particularly good weekend, I "corrected" back to my normal - a state of struggle & discouragement. It was super empowering to be able to recognize the behavior, talk about it with a trusted friends, and come up with a plan for the next time. When you know better, you do better.


So often, my peace & calm is tied to water - I've found myself at the waterfront more often than not over the past week. I'm missing the ocean, and thinking hard about my 2nd act being in the west, but in the meantime....Lake Champlain serves up a worthy substitute. 

As usual, I'm behind on a dozen things (hi Mom!), and feeling like the days go by in a flash, but I do know's a good life. (and yes, I saw The Fault in Our Stars...and loved it. Also loved Chef.)

2014 project life. Weeks 16-19.


Week 16 - included a 6x6 insert for Hope's return (eventually, I may add journaling to the back)


Week 17 - Trip to Maine! The lighthouse photo is a flip card....


Week 17, side 2 - I have no idea what I'll put in that patterned paper pocket (if anything). 


Week 18. 


Week 19. Please note that there are THREE coffee related pockets. No, I don't have a problem. 

I'm almost done with week 20 (the NOLA week) - and honestly? I don't love it. I'm trying to just view it as "a place to put all the business cards & random photos" - and use a different format for more of the story (I'll likely add more to a SMASH album that tells the stories of some of our other adventures). 

Slow & steady wins the Project Life race (except, really, it's not a race....).  

she. he. me.


  • turned 22 on Thursday.
  • flew to Thunder Bay yesterday to start a 2 month tree-planting job.
  • has amazed me with her courage & sense of adventure as she's prepped for this job.
  • sounds so grown-up when she pulls out her wallet & says "I've got breakfast, Mom." 
  • makes me laugh...especially when she's stealing my denim jacket. 
  • texted me a picture of her plane ticket, with the note "thought you might want this for your Project Life thingy." 
  • is still NOT a morning person (which makes me really curious how early am tree planting is going to play out). 


  • participated in his high school's mock crash to help demonstrate the potential outcomes of drunk driving. 
  • was deeply impacted with the gravity of said "crash," and the emotion of the experience.
  • is learning to make pizza at his job (he normally delivers the pizzas).
  • brings home the most amazing sculptures from art class.
  • makes the best rice, veggie, and egg scrambles. 
  • was chosen as a Student of the Month for May. 
  • is nearly done with his junior year, and is making lists of design schools to visit this summer.



  • processing recent changes at work while holding tight to kindness & grace.
  • had the overwhelming, inexplicable need to watch Less Than Zero this week (thank you, Netflix, for helping me out). 
  • cried when saying goodbye to Hope at the airport - tears of pride, not sadness.
  • packing for my trip to NOLA.
  • finished and loved Paradise in Plain Sight
  • checked out Stories I Only Tell My Friends for vacation reading.
  • have googled the following this week - painting concrete floors, staining decks, toilet paper holders, average showings before offer, and how to remove adhesive residue. Sigh.

2014 Project Life. Weeks 14 & 15.


Well, my plan to switch back to actually working on Project Life on a weekly basis was foiled by...projects and life. So, just feeling my way through this year. Week 14 had a day trip to NYC, the hope of spring weather, and April goals. 


I used a digital element from one of the Turquoise Edition Project Life kit. (also, not sure how I managed to end up wtih such dark pics. Weird.)


Week 15 - no "real" journaling, and I'm okay with that. One of the benefits of the smaller format is that it reduces the pressure to fill up a week. 


To balance out the simplicity, look! Curved text around a plate! So fancy. (but seriously - try Upton's Seitan. It's SO GOOD.)

Project Life™ is a super simple scrapbooking system developed by Becky Higgins. Learn more about it here. I'm using (mostly) Simple Stories products this year. 

2014 Project Life. February & March.

Figuring out 40 feb 1

By popular (okay, actually...just 2) Feb & March Project Life spreads. They're simple (as always), and have some crazy glare going on in these photos (sorry 'bout that). I've decided to return to weekly spreads b/c the monthly thing just isn't working for me. Anyway...

Figuring out 40 feb 2

I'll likely add in some photos from Montreal - I realized as I was doing these that I didn't include any! You'll notice that I've also (almost) caught up on the 52 Lists project

Figuring out 40 march 1

The back side of my barre blog post is reserved for a 52 Lists page that hasn't been completed yet!

Figuring out 40 march 2

I still don't love how sloppy these page protectors are - the tolerance in the pockets is pretty huge (meaning that a 2x2 photo slides around in a 2x2 pocket). 

Figuring out 40 march 3

It's hard to tell in these photos, but most of the 2x2 photos have a line of white text in the center.

Project Life™ is a super simple scrapbooking system developed by Becky Higgins. Learn more about it here. I'm using (mostly) Simple Stories products this year. 

the master list of projects.

Bottles(random photo taken in montreal that has nothing to do with this post)

I've reached a point where I am behind on more things than not. No complaints, no pity party....just a fact that I'm trying to get my hands around. For the last few days, I get a glimmer of inspiration & motivation at about 2:00 in the afternoon. Y'know, when I'm at work, and buried in work stuff. I devise grand plans of what I'm going to accomplish after dinner, and then? The internet happens. And before I know it, it's 10pm, and it's time for me to go to bed and check Instagram/Pinterest/Facebookonelasttime on my phone...and then sleep. So. An accounting of what I'm thinking about working on, and planning to get back to....

Project Life. I haven't fallen in love with it yet this year. It will happen. I'm still grappling (isn't that a great dramatic word?) with the implications of a smaller size & monthly focus. And by "grappling," I mean deciding that I'm probably going to return to weekly spreads, but stay with the smaller format. Weighty decisions. Clearly. 

One Little Word. It's present. It's good. As I've mentioned, FORWARD is serving as more of a foundation this year. Even baby steps move me forward. 

52 Lists. Still love the concept, and still love the prompts. Just need to put fingers to keyboard. This might be an in-flight project on Monday as I fly west again. 

Reading. Does reading count as a project? I've got several books that I'm really anxious to get started on - just need to schedule in some time. REALLY looking forward to spring days that invite reading outside (I'm giving Winter Storm Vulcan the stink eye). 

The Kitchn Cooking Cure. Angie emailed yesterday asking if we (the girls) wanted to play along (rewinding to the beginning) - and of course, I said yes. Because this project list isn't long enough yet. Also, because I like cooking. Also, food.

Photo books. In the grand plan to declutter & downsize, I'm going to put together photo books of things like kids artwork in an effort to reduce the actual paper that is stuffed into corners of my office. 

Barb & Kat's Excellent Adventures Smash Book. There's another excellent adventure being planned (NOLA!), so I need/want to get the last few documented smash-book style. Are Smash Books still a thing? I have no idea....

The Desire Map. Did you see that Danielle Laporte made her digi subscription FREE? Yup. Get #desiremap right here. I'm still working with Freedom, Ease, Lightness & Strength. 

And...that's a wrap (at least for now). I regret to inform you that cleaning my house didn't make the project list. What are you working on?



2014 Project Life. January.

Figuring out 40 Jan 2014

Here we go, friends. I'm not loving the smaller format YET. Or maybe I'm not loving the monthly format? I dunno. I'm going to feel my way through February and hope that I find my groove. What I DO love is that this project continues to ask me to notice my life. 

I started out with a few simple cards documenting my OLW, the polar vortex, and my an awesome card that my dear Lain sent to me. Barb's New Year's card gets prime real estate b/c it's amazing. (not pictured - a small envelope holding several birthday cards)

Figuring out 40 Jan List 1

My plan, for now, is to include my 52 Lists in this album, while also compiling an Artifact Uprising book. Overkill? Maybe. 

Figuring out 40 Jan 2

Simple, simple, simple. Might need to add a heart to the pic of Miss Hope & me. 

Figuring out 40 Jan 3

More simple, more lists. 

Figuring Out 40 Jan Review

This January Review card helped me feel like I was capturing more - it's just using words instead of photos. Again, that may change as the year moves forward (see what I did there?). 

What I'm whining about this month - the Sn@p Binder doesn't stay open (or closed for that matter). It's difficult to photograph, and I really don't want to take every piece out to post. #projectlifeproblems  

Project Life™ is a super simple scrapbooking system developed by Becky Higgins. Learn more about it here. I'm using (mostly) Simple Stories products this year.