you're my favorite | march 15


March was a whirlwind. I went to California. I went to Chicago. I sold my house. I moved. I cried. I laughed. I drank a lot of wine. It was misery and magic, all rolled into one. 

I didn't have a lot of time for favorites, but I think that I can come up with a few...

this purse organizer. Inspired by Shutterbean. It's awesome. 

t-shirt dresses. I kicked off my spring capsule wardrobe early for my trip to CA. I bought 2 of these dresses - one solid, one striped. They will get SO much wear this summer.

daffodil bunches from Trader Joe's. Yes, please.

salti sweet ice cream snacks. met these guys at the Natural Products Expo. Delicious ice cream + pretzel combo (and I'm not even really a pretzel fan). 

Rose Ave by you + me. Dan hates it. I love it. Whatevs.

for some reason, I ate a LOT of sushi this month. Always a fave. 

and most of everyone who has supported me through the month with emails, texts, phone calls, etc...thank you. You're my favorite.


the only way out is through.

Succulent2We're in the eye of the moving storm right now. Yes, I've moved a gazillion times. Yes, I have muscle-bound guys (I'm assuming) coming to move furniture on Tuesday. Yes, I have some flexibility in time b/c I'm both an owner AND a renter for almost a week. But...

this is hard work.

I'm anxious to be settled again, and to start establishing new routines. I'm trying to be gentle with myself over all of the should haves that are now staring me in the face...I should have sorted through those photos by now. I should have organized my office earlier. I should have made an IKEA run before the move. 

It's hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel right now, but I know that it's there (it's not only there, it has a river view!). Trying to breathe, and remember that the only way out is through

Namaste, friends.

green things.


I readily admit that I do not have a green thumb. Yes, I am the daughter of an avid gardener...but that is one of the many talents that I did not inherit. My wish list for our new light-filled apartment includes a hefty amount of houseplants. First on my list is a fiddle leaf fig. I know...I'm a couple of years late on this trendy plant...but I'm determined to find it. 

What are your favorite houseplants? And more importantly...are you willing to water mine???

you're my favorite | feb 15


Favorite blog header 2015

February flew & crawled simultaneously. How does that work? I spent a lot of time worrying & waiting, shed tears of anxiety and relief, reminded myself to practice gratitude, and drank a damn lot of coffee. Here are a few things that were my favorite - both on & off the interwebs. 

I regret to inform you. I emailed this article to myself so that I wouldn't forget to include it. A hearty hell yes for the honesty.

Super fun dates. Learning how to date in your forties isn't easy. This month? We killed it. Taco Tuesday at a hip bar. Happy hour for a collective office space. A mead brewery & an odd movie. Spontaneity for the win.

Ghost by Ella Henderson. Dancing it out to this song.

American Idol. I haven't watched it in years. This season (on Hulu) is getting me through sleepless nights. 

Toasted sesame oil on eggs. Go make some. I'll wait. 

The Motivation Manifesto. Y'all know that this is right up my alley.

The Give a Shit Manifesto. Word. (also...I'm sure that one of you led me to that thank you!!)

The commiseration of February. Sure, it's a misery loves company sort of thing. But this is the time of year when we all just look at each other and say "I'm just done" and trust that no one is judging you for the fact that you're wearing 3 pairs of tights and 7 pairs of socks. Under jeans & Uggs. Whatever

March is gonna be big around here. March is moving. March is magic.


planning for a smaller space.

As we move toward moving, I'm thinking a lot about what I want our new space to look & feel like. We're cutting our square footage in half...and we're so excited about that. Downsizing our living space translates to upsizing the opportunity for freedom, ease, and lightness (recognize those core desired feelings?). It also means the opportunity to add a few fun things to our decor. What I've got my eye on...

Apartment wish listFrom upper left... thinking about these stripes for an accent wall of sorts in the dining alcove | coveting these metal chairs | already ordered this pillow | possibly a wall decal for my OLW? | pretty sure that I NEED this pillow | beautiful day, beautiful print

change is in the air.


It was a whirlwind week. 

We put the house back on the market on Friday the 6th. We were under contract by Wednesday the 11th. 

Like, woah.

I think that I spent most of the week in shock. I have wanted this for so long. We're now in the waiting & planning stage. The inspection is scheduled. We put a deposit down on an apartment, but won't sign the lease until everything is more certain. I picked up some moving boxes today, and have started listing stuff on Craigslist. 

If you can throw a few happy thoughts & easy closing affirmations our way, we'd appreciate it! 

if I were actually blogging....


I find that the longer I'm "away" from the blog, the harder it is to return. That has to be some kind of first world problem, right? If I was blogging with any regular cadence, here's what I'd likely be writing about...

Selling my house. We went back on the market last Friday with newly painted stairs & walls, newly staged rooms, and a new/motivator realtor team. I'm exhausted from the prep, but excited for the possibilities. 

Winter. After a relatively mild Dec & Jan, this month has been brutally cold. This season is not pleasant, and it's not short. Just trying to make it through. 

OLW. Still looking for magic.

Project Life. I don't know how I want to approach this project. I don't think that detailed daily life documenting is the path that I want to take. I'm leaning toward a my life in projects approach...which doesn't make any sense right now except in my head!

My Capsule Wardrobe. I need a few more patterns. I need a few more sweaters. I need a little more variety. 

Balance. And the lack of it right now. My story isn't unique...we're all juggling. For me, it's work, home, relationship, kids (his & mine), and all the grey areas where those things intersect.

Scandal. Dear Shonda...please get back on track. It's all a little out there right now. 

Thanks for hanging in with me....

you're my favorite | jan 2015

You're my favorite 2015

Oh, January. You were full of possibilities, plans, and parts that I didn't care for. It feels like so much more than a month. I only blogged a little, but I lived a lot. A few things that were my favorite this month...

Today is not over yet. - Alexandra Franzen. Simply brilliant. 

Book lists. Pinterest is full of them. Many of my favorite blogs wrote them in January. Although I barely read this month, I am pinning & pocketing all the lists. One day, there will be time

the Hozier album. I'm not sick of it yet. 

My new NEST thermostat is adorable. 

Confession - I don't like spending money on clothes. Really. It's one of the reasons that a capsule wardrobe suits me. This post on cost per wear really resonated with me.

Reading drafts of Radical Reduction™ - the eating plan that I've been following for the last few months. It's bold. It's effective. It's the reason that I wore size 4 jeans yesterday. And that's pretty rad.

As with each & every month, my friends are my favorite. They said "That really sucks, and it's going to be okay." They said "Atta girl!" They said "Eat the damn donut." They said "I love that you aim to be extraordinary." They said "Are you still having fun? Good." They save me.

What did you love in January?


Coffee *photo note below

I always know when I've neglected this space b/c I get an email from someone who gave birth to me...a virtual nudge as if to say "hey, are you still alive?" I know the technique well, b/c I sometimes employ it with someone that I gave birth to. 

I am, indeed, alive. I thought that life might slow down a bit after the hustle of the holidays, but it actually seems to have ramped up a bit. I had something scheduled every night last week...and the coming week is following the same pace. I'm reminding myself that it's all good stuff, and that the things that are falling by the wayside (I'm looking at you, kitchen floor) are things that can wait a bit. 

So. I'm drinking a lot of coffee. Ignoring the kitchen floor. Staying up late for conversations. Making to-do lists. Booking travel. Saying yes to roller-skating nights and last-minute pizza dates. Feeling grateful. Texting "I miss you" to besties. Working a lot. Sleeping a little. Did I mention the coffee??

*Photo note - I'm totally digging the new (or at least new to me) stock photo sites that have cropped up. I subscribe to several and I'm awed by the talent. Even though I'm not required to give credit for the photo above, I think that Carli Jean Miller totally deserves a shout out for her awesome work.