hello march 2016


The fact that I'm a week late in posting a hello march entry should be indicative of the pace of our lives right now...

hello move. It's over. It's done. It wasn't exactly pretty. And...we are loving our new home. It has beautiful energy & amazing light. 

hello Hope. My eldest is home for a few weeks! So fun to have her with us. 

hello mid-season. I know that most consider this time of year something between winter & mud season, but I consider it to be mid-season. Temps fluctuate wildly. I'm sick of winter clothes, and unprepared for spring. I want to be able to go for walks & bike rides...but can't just yet

hello completion - Dan & I finished our Landmark Forum in Action seminar series last night. Next up is the Advanced Course in LA. So looking forward to it. 

hello best friendsI've said it before, and I'll certainly say it again...I have the best friends. It simply doesn't matter if we talk daily or twice a year. It doesn't matter how often we see each other. I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that my tribe loves me. 

hello engagement - on the off chance that you're not on Instagram or Facebook, and didn't receive an excited text from me...Dan proposed, and I said yes! I then proceeded to have a mini-breakdown about marriage & failure. Then I got off of it.  There is no reason for us to get married...and THAT is the best reason of all. I choose to marry Dan because I choose to marry Dan.

hello essential oilstrying out a few blends with the Littles, to noticeable success. What are your favorites? 

What are you saying hello to this month?


current 2.23.16


drinking bulletproof coffee & waiting for it's magic to kick in.

seeing stacks of boxes ready to be moved. so excited

reflecting on last night's seminar distinction about inauthentic fear. been there, done that. 

wishing that I was still in bed. i simply can't cut corners on sleep like I used to.

pondering Stitch Fix. have you? 

reading about duane syndrome. lately, i've felt like my head turn has become more severe. 

preparing for another flurry of travel activity. looking forward to CA the most. (cue a dozen text messages..."when will you be here? for how long?")

needing a refresh on my capsule wardrobe (hence the Stitch Fix pondering).

feeling gratitude for loving friends & family, amazing kids, and my love. life is good.



celebrating the little things.


We have a large glass jar that sits on our dining room table. It's our "mirth & mitzvahs" jar (M&M for short). We jot down things that made us laugh, things that made us happy, things that we want to remember on slips of paper and toss them into the jar. Our plan is to read through the jar on New Year's Eve to celebrate all the little moments that brought us joy this year. 

Today, we're celebrating our 18 month anniversary. Who celebrates 18 months? Well, we do. Relationships are complicated. Add in big kids, little kids, exes, family, jobs, a dog, and everything else involved in adulting...and you'll understand why we think thriving through all of that deserves celebration. So, here's to 18 months of all of the mirth & mitzvahs that have made our life together an awesome adventure...

2016 project life : cover page


Project Life and I were on a break last year. I'm super happy that we've found our way back to each other. I put this cover page together pretty quickly (except some frustrating printer mishaps) on Sunday...reminding myself to keep it simple


This quote pretty much sums up life right now. I think it's fair to say that 45 is officially middle aged, right? Living life on the court, managing work & travel, blending littles & bigs, creating an amazing relationship...all of it is messy in the most magical way (side note: funny how my 2015 OLW decided to hang on a little longer, eh?). Our life is full of experiences & moments that I want to remember. So grateful for that.

My plan, so far (and I reserve the right to change my mind)...

  1. Basic 12x12 Design A format - with various sized inserts mixed in.  
  2. Sometimes weekly, sometimes monthly - totally playing that by ear. 
  3. No guilt over being "behind." Our life moves quickly. 
  4. Simple, simple, simple. Using pretty paper to fill a pocket is totally allowed.

Oh, and a little "state of the union" to set the stage for this year's album...Dan & I are ridiculously excited to be moving to a beautiful new-to-us house in a few weeks (more details on that soon). The big "kids" come home now & then (not often enough), and the littles keep us busy (& sleep-deprived) a few days a week. We work hard, we play hard, and most importantly, we love with our whole hearts. 


hello february 2016.


February can be a brutal month. Bitterly cold, snowy, and dark. Today, we kicked off the month with temps in the 40s, and daylight as I left work. Grateful for both. Saying hello to so much this month...

hello to packing - we're moving on March 1st, so this month is all about organizing and packing. We both downsized a lot in our last moves, so we're anticipating a smoother process this time.

hello to travel - two days a week, every week. I love it, and it's exhausting. 

hello to documenting - planning on capturing this year in a combination of Chatbooks, OLW, and (yes!) Project Life. Mackie & I pulled out scrapbooking supplies to make Valentines this weekend, and I realized how much I've missed playing with paper. 

hello to more salads, fewer carbs - the gluttony of January will not be repeated.

hello to birthdays - McCartney turns 5, and my Mom turns...c'mon, I know better than that

hello to the library (again) - weaning myself off of buying books (damn you, Amazon Prime!), and planning to return to the library. What's the best book that you've read lately? 

hello to a nighttime skincare habit - one would think, given what I do for a living, that I've got this one down. Nope. I'm guilty of rarely washing my face before bed, and only using moisturizer when my skin starts to get super dry. Changing that this month! 

hello to the Firestarter Sessions Audio Course - loved reading it, and I'm sure that I'll love listening. 

...inspired by hello monday, but monthly instead.

the taco cleanse : prevent or reverse taco deficiency!

While most of the world was kicking off their NY resolutions to eat healthier, Dan & I were in Mexico enjoying all the eating & drinking, courtesy of our all-inclusive resort. Now that we're back to "real" life, we're returning to our salad & fish habits...with infrequent episodes of eating chocolate chips out of the bag, and finishing a bottle of wine on a Tuesday. Hey, we never said we were perfect. Perhaps it's time for some discipline in our lives?

Enter The Taco Cleanse.

This cookbook makes me smile. It's irreverent. It's kitschy. It's vegan. And it's about tacos. What more can you ask for? The authors write...

The Taco Cleanse is cheap, easy, and delicious. Its recipes are authentically Austin, and are sometimes even inspired by Mexico, where the taco was first created. Everything tastes better folded (exactly once) into a tortilla. Just eat one or more tacos at every meal, adding margaritas as necessary. It's that simple.

I'm partial to the Wake & Shake Scramble, the High Vibration Kale Chips, and the Tater Tot-cho Tacos. (book note...looks like Amazon is temporarily out of stock, which is super cool for the authors...so y'all might have to wait a bit to start your taco cleanse!)

I rec'd a copy of this book for review from The Experiment Publishing. No other compensation was rec'd, and opinions expressed are my own.

cabo san lucas : january 2016


Pelican pirate




Dan & I spent an amazing week in Cabo. We lounged by the pool; hung out on the beach; went on a whale-watching cruise (saw whales & also learned that Dan gets VERY seasick); ate chips, guacamole, & fresh shrimp at least twice a day; took a water taxi to the Arch; drank countless G&Ts, mojitos, and pina coladas; rented a wave runner; tried out every restaurant at the resort; went horseback riding on the beach; worked through some mucky moments (sometimes when you clear space, sh*t comes up); met so many wonderful new friends; played beach volleyball & ping pong; read books (note to self - embrace fiction on the next vacation); and decided that we are definitely fans of the all-inclusive plan. 


I am so grateful that I got to spend an awesome vacation with this guy. He's my favorite. We are super mindful of being present to now, and we have so many plans for the future. 

ps. Sooo much gratitude to Mattress by Appointment for handling the majority of our trip. Insanely brilliant business model, and fantastic people...can't wait to see y'all next year in the DR! 

this is forty-five.

Snowy road

I turned forty-five yesterday (THANK YOU for all the kind birthday wishes!!). I'll admit that while not a typical milestone birthday, this number feels weighty. The past couple of months have been an absolute blur, but I've had the number bouncing in my head quite a bit. Since that usually means that I need to do some reflection, I'm taking a cue from  this, this, and this...

This is forty-five. 

Forty-five is feeling solidly middle-aged, and getting carded at the grocery store less frequently. Forty-five is still hearing "you look too young to have kids that age!," and getting questioning looks about my rather-young-looking boyfriend. Forty-five is feeling ridiculous even using the word boyfriend

Forty-five is knowing that I should get to the gym more often, but opting to go out to dinner instead. Forty-five is eating more salads, less bread & drinking more wine, less beer. Forty-five is being grateful for acupuncture, Chinese herbs, & meditation.

Forty-five is caring less about what people think, and caring more about what my people think. Forty-five is knowing that all of them are really only thinking about their own life anyway.

Forty-five is 17+ years at the same job, and wondering if it ever becomes too late to make a change. Forty-five is wondering how in the world I can find my passion, when on most days I'd be happy to find my phone (or these days, my gloves).

Forty-five is saying yes to interesting, and no to obligatory.

Forty-five is wishing that I had known more when my kids were young, and knowing that I did my best. Forty-five is hoping that they know how much they are loved, and telling them just that. Forty-five is being really proud of the people that they're becoming.

Forty-five is crying over hurt feelings, but getting over it more quickly. Forty-five is accepting that life is complicated, but still resisting the complications. Forty-five is reading, learning, and listening.

Forty-five is adventure, possibility, exploring, and trying again every day. Forty-five is not always knowing where the path leads....