hello monday : sept 28


That supermoon, though. (image via Unsplash)

We walked down to the river last night & said hello to the supermoon last night - such a spectacular sight! We said "Wow" over & over again - reminding me of Anne Lamott's Three Essential Prayers. As we welcome the new moon, it feels like a few hellos are in order...

hello fall...which apparently arrived while I was in Los Angeles last week. The 35 degree difference in temperature chilled me to the bone.

hello fall capsule wardrobe...I've spent more on this season's capsule wardrobe because I had to replace practically everything from last fall (true story - last year, I was wearing sizes 8-10 / this year, I'm wearing sizes 2-4). 

hello magic...Big Magic, of course. Loving Elizabeth Gilbert's wisdom. 

hello travel...Los Angeles last week, British Columbia this week. Loved seeing Aunt Betty last week, and super excited to see Austin at the end of the week! 

hello morning rituals...Dan & I have shifted our morning routines a bit. Coffee. He writes, I read. Then we meditate. No screens (except for the meditation timer) until I leave the house. 

hello tattoo research...craving ink on my shoulder. Loving this.

hello conversations...with gratitude to Brene Brown for the shared language. "The story that I'm making up is..."

hello believing...that all things are possible. that lattes are comfort food. that this life is temporary. that we all have the power to change. that this supermoon is just the beginning.

what are you saying hello to this week?

hello monday is a lisa leonard-inspired practice.

hello monday (& all the december things!)


It's Decemberrrrr...and it feels nearly impossible that 2014 is coming to an end. What a wild ride. Today, I'm saying hello to...

December Daily. Yep, I'm in. I'm still behind on Project Life, but that's not going to stop me from adding another project to my list! I'm doing 100% digi this year...so I'm removing the "but I'm traveling for part of the month!" excuse right at the start. Details...

  • Size - 5.5x5.5 with the intention of printing an Artifact Uprising softcover book when I'm done.
  • Color story - I bought Digital Design Essentials Dashing collection yesterday...loving the slightly non-traditional colorway.
  • Photography - I'm going to carry my Canon with me b/c I think that it may remind me to stop & look more often. 
  • Stories - I anticipate a lot of great stories this month (#truth...I'm a little giddy with anticipation). D & I leave for Florida on the 14th. Hope comes home on the 18th (the same day that we return). Throw in a collection of parties & baking & friends...and this month promises to be FULL. 
  • Prep - I used Ali's "my reason why" script (free! thanks Ali!) for an intro page. The next image will be either the first or second page in the album.

My reason why copy Inner Page copy

December #reverb14
- I'm SO excited to do another #reverb project. The amount of writing is a bit staggering, but I dig the reflection & intention. I'm following along with Sarah R. Bagley's prompts. Will likely write/post in the evening b/c writing in the morning is unlikely (#keepingitreal). 

Listening for my 2015 One Little Word. The process of reflecting on the year and thinking about coming year is an open invitation to the word that becomes my touchstone. 

December adventures. A month full of busy-ness, both work & social, with a mini-vacation thrown in the middle. Although my children are accusing me of neglecting them ("you're going on vacation AGAIN without us??"), I will thoroughly enjoy this little escape. 

What are you saying hello to this month? Hello Monday is a Lisa Leonard inspired practice.

hello monday. november 3.


hello to Gabby Bernstein. Always one of my most loved teachers...she's been super present for me lately. SO excited to see her speak at the Natural Living Expo this month.

hello to flannel, boyfriend jeans, and boots. Thankful for a casual office.

hello to Trader Joe's Pumpkin Croissants...easy & indulgent on a chilly morning. 

hello to revamping calendars & to-do lists to stay (somewhat) on track.

hello to drinking coffee all day long...a sign of the season, for sure. 

hello to this Coconut Quinoa Bowl...delicious.

hello to SAT registrations, the Common App, and cap & gown purchases. Sh*t is getting real.

what did you say hello to today?

(hello monday is a Lisa Leonard inspired practice)



hello monday. october 27.

image from katyat34.typepad.com

hello from sunny San Francisco. Man, I love this town. I came out last Thursday with Austin for an art school visit. He headed home over the weekend, and I stuck around to do some work. Soaking up the sunshine as much as possible. 

hello to being so grateful that I got to share my love of SF with Austin. We had a really great trip.

hello to Week in the Life. Taking a casual approach. Not even sure what my end result will be (blog post? photo book? Project Life pages?). 

hello to travel - home on Tuesday, NY on Thursday. Thanks, beauty biz

hello to planning adventures. Lots of conversations that start with "hey, do you wanna..." Looking forward to making memories with someone who's pretty awesome

hello to senior year keeping me on my toes. Reminding myself that it's okay to feel sad, happy, nervous, and excited all at the same time

hello to just enjoying a helluva lot of happy right now. Reflecting on how rough life was at this time last year, and feeling so thankful that the energy has shifted. 

What are you saying hello to this week?

hello monday is a lisa leonard inspired practice. 


hello monday. september 15.

image from katyat34.typepad.com

It's a brand new week, and I woke up feeling super positive about it! Here's what I'm saying hello to this week...

Hello to Molly Wizenberg's banana bread with chocolate chunks & candied ginger. Starting a Monday with baked goods was a delicious idea. 

Hello to Austin's humor - "Now that I've had chocolate chunks, I don't know why chocolate chips exist."

Hello to lots of planning for the high school's Project Grad celebration (next June). We're giving our grads a helluva send off! 

Hello to trusting & manifesting. My Aunt reminded me last week to language only what I want to be true all the time. Consistency is clarity. 

Hello to radishes & whipped goat cheese. It's lunchtime at my desk.

Hello to Where'd You Go Bernadette? - looking forward to carving out time to read this week. 

Hello to sweaters & fleece sheets. Brrr! 

Hello to swapping envy for atta girl! because we can all win at this life thing. 

Hello to mantras that make me smile (#manifestthatshit - courtesy of Barb)

What are you saying hello to this week?


hello monday. april 14th.


I haven't done a hello monday post in a (long) while, so it seems like the perfect prompt to get me back into blogging. Busy days around here...

hello freshly painted rooms. Austin and I tackled his room and the master bathroom ceiling yesterday. We went with Behr Baja for his room, and I love it. Even if it won't be "ours" for long.

hello trips to Lowe's and Home Depot. Finishing up lots of little projects before we put the house on the market. My (very awesome) realtor has reminded me that time is of the essence - I'm balancing that with not letting myself get super stressed about the prep. 

hello Maine for Easter weekend. Austin and I are jonesing for the ocean, so we're heading to the coast next weekend. I'm sure it will be chilly, but it will still be a welcome sight. Any recommendations for a weekend read?

hello flip flops. The forecast calls for almost 80 degrees today! I'm ignorning the fact that it will dip down to 24 in a few nights. 

hello kind words. After dealing with a hefty amount of negativity recently, it's soothing to hear kind words - thank you, you inspired me, and I really enjoyed your class. I'm going to make sure that I pay it forward this week. 

hello achieving goals. I'm pretty much ALWAYS working on practices & projects. Last Oct, my friend Michelle encouraged me to write "traditional" goals - 6 month, 1 year, 5 year, and 10 year. I did as I was told (ha!), and arranged them in a powerpoint with the title "From Broken to Whole." I came across the document last night as I was finishing up taxes, and was pretty thrilled to see that I can cross off every.single.one of the 6 month goals. Yay me!!! 

What are you saying hello to this week?

Hello Monday is a Lisa Leonard inspired practice.

monday (11.18.13)


today, I...enjoyed 53° weather (and not wearing a coat)

today, I...had to run to Best Buy on my lunch break, which is oh-so-conveniently located super close to Starbucks

today, I...had Chocolate Chai tea (not from SBX) and am not sure what to think of it

today, I...said "this is what i need from you" and hoped, with all of my heart, that the recipient heard me

today, I...made mushroom & sage risotto, and laughed as Austin tried mushrooms for the 12th time, and STILL ended up picking them out

today, I...felt angry and sad for two friends who are dealing with two very different, but difficult situations (psa - kindness matters)

today, I...listened to Taylor Swift's RED for about the millionth time (KP, I blame you). Missing him is dark grey all alone...

today, I...got a high-five from Austin when I told him the story of my 2014 OLW making itself known (no, I'm not telling y'all yet)

today, I...left some space for the Universe to heal a relationship that means the world to me. I have no idea what that healing will look like, but I'm going to believe that love wins.

today, I...felt powerful & strong on the elliptical

today, I...marked one day off the "countdown to Thanksgiving break" calendar

today, I...was happy and grateful


hello monday 11.11.13

hello to newly painted "white" walls (it's actually Behr Swiss Coffee). I had been wanting to repaint the living room, entryway, and hallway for quite some time...everything was just looking dingy. First step, walls...then changing up the mantel. Next up (after the holidays)...new pillows & artwork for the walls. Even though I'm pondering moving house in the spring/summer, it feels good to freshen up.

hello to being SUPER excited that my brother is visiting soon. He'll arrive on Thanksgiving, and will likely stay through the first of the year. Robert hasn't been to VT. I'm so looking forward to showing him around. I know that our Mom is worried about him dealing with the cold & snow, but I'm way more delicate than he is...and I've survived 20 years here!

hello to leaving for SF on Wednesday. Soooo looking forward to California sunshine, the vibe of the city, and seeing friends (who are also colleagues). Oh, and working...starting with reading this book on the plane.

(related) hello to starting to define new/improved travel habits. Since I know that 2014 will involve a lot more travel, I want to get some best practices in place. First up...loading up on Vitamin C at least 2 days before getting on a (germ-filled) plane.

hello to starting to ponder how I want to approach Project Life next year. Although I have spent the majority of this year completely behind, I do still believe in this project. Not sure if I want to go 100% digital (unlikely), move to a smaller size, or just keep on keeping on.

hello to backsliding a bit in the pain department...but getting right back to acupuncture today, and feeling immediate relief. Thinking that we'll add cupping to the mix when I get back from CA.

What are you saying hello to today?

on mondays & getting back in the groove.

A few jumbled thoughts today...

I completed Week in the Life yesterday. It is hard to maintain the momentum all week! I signed on to WITL as a way to force myself to "look for the beautiful." When Kelly checked in mid-week to see if that strategy was working, I tearfully said that it wasn't. However. I am happy to report that staying true to the project helped me to shift my focus.

Lee mentioned E-Squared, and I quickly downloaded it. Truth be told, I had passed it over a few months ago (I'm a book reviewer for Hay House Publishing) ago. I read a bit yesterday morning, and started my first experiment. Wheee!

Need a new song for your iphone alarm? Go with Blurred Lines. No, seriously. I couldn't care less about the controversy around it. The fact that my alarm went off this am with the first couple of beats and "everybody get up!"....THAT made me smile.

Go make these green beans. Right now.

Barb is coming to visit on Saturday. I don't think that I need to explain how giddy that makes me.

Enjoy your Monday!


hello @#$%^^ monday.

Oh, Monday...why must you be such a b*tch??

Today was not my favorite day. My blood pressure started rising as I checked my email at a stoplight (the car was not moving. settle.). I would love to be everything to everyone...but I can't. 

*I am super aware that my mood today (best defined as generally malcontented) was influenced by discovering some disturbing news via twitter about someone that I was friends with. The revelation left me questioning my judgement. It left me hesitant to trust - are people just not who they present themselves to be? I am shaken & disappointed. 

*I am straddling two jobs right now - account management & business development. I feel like I am failing at both. I am so thankful that I am handing over my account management duties to ridiculously talented people...but I am so freaking worried that I am going to let them down. 

*Have I mentioned that I'm off for the first part of next week? I'm seriously counting down the days. Why is it that you don't see burn out coming?

*Directly related to everthing else in this post - Snicker Peanut Butter minis are freakin' AWESOME.