five on friday : february 24


I wish that I could say that this week flew by...but honestly? It crawled. It creaked. It creeped. And now, it's feeling like it's time to exhale. I was going to put together a "five on friday" list of interesting links/reads, but I think I'll go with a gratitude list instead. As this loooong week comes to a close, five things that I'm super grateful for...

1. Family. I text with my brother nearly every day. We might miss a few days here & there, but that's clearly his fault. (just seeing if he's paying attention) He makes me laugh, reminds me that I'm mostly getting life right, and sends me fun podcast links Good combo. I also talked to my Mom this week (on her Birthday!), texted with my Aunt Betty, messaged with my Bigs, and texted (often) with Dan's Mom. Grateful for love & support. 

2. Friends. I've said it a million times, and I will say it a million more...I have a gold-star tribe. Seriously. They showed up in text messages, emails, laughing-until-we're-crying chats at work, Facebook posts, and impromptu after-work pizza dinners. Grateful for all the feels.

3. Dan. #winning with this guy. Did you say it? I love you. I don't ever want to live without you. You changed my life. Did you say it? <- b/c vintage Grey's Anatomy quotes are sometimes all you need. Grateful that we're creating this life together.

4. Light! We have insanely awesome morning light in this house. I am so grateful for the return of light, the hints of warmth (upper 60s when I was in Jersey yesterday!), and the longer days. Grateful for signs of spring.

5. Online Shopping. In the category of "grateful for little conveniences." Being able to handle things online is a lifesaver as my travel schedule ramps up again. I never loved filling my days off/at home with running I try to accomplish a lot through without leaving my couch/desk/hotel room. Grateful for technology that adds ease to my errands.

What are you grateful for today? 

when Grey's hit home.

I will confess that I am not a slave to watching Grey's on Thursday anymore. This past Thurs, I was skyping with Barb in my office...which is a bit unusual b/c I'll often skype with her on my laptop while watching Grey's. I ended up watching it on Hulu late last night. Here's the thing - Grey's hit very, very close to home. 


I'm not sure how I missed the trailers & the buzz about this episode. Had I have known, I would have planned to be glued to the TV on Thursday. Had I have known, I might have been prepared to see part of MY story, and Austin's story, playing out on the screen. 

When the episode started, we meet Casey, a Mom who brought her son back to the ER with a high fever and a rash. She had been in previously, and was told that her son had a virus. In one scene, they show the little boy laying in the hospital bed, with an angry red rash, chapped lips and a completely listless demeanor. I literally gasped and said, out loud, "he has Kawasaki's." I watched as this Mom kept bringing her son back to the doctors, begging for them to find out what was wrong with him, and crying as she was offered one incorrect diagnosis after another. At one point, they even called a psychiatrist down to talk to her - the suggestion, of course, that she was crazy...or that she was making her kid sick. Watch the episode for yourself to see the whole story - but I'll skip to the end. There's a scene where Meredith realizes that they are, in fact, dealing with Kawasaki Disease, and checks her phone to see what day they're on. She's realizes that they're on Day 10, and runs for the boys room. I was shaking at that point...


About a month after Austin turned one, he got very sick. His first symptom was a fever - scary b/c he had meningitis at 5 weeks old, so our experience with high fever was terrifying. We took him to the pediatrician. Diagnosis - virus. On day two, he had a rash. Back to the pediatrician. Diagnosis - virus. Day three arrived with a "strawberry tongue" and really chapped lips. Back to the pediatrician. Diagnosis - virus. On this day, there was an intern shadowing the pediatrician. As they reviewed the chart, the intern said quietly to the Dr "could this be Kawasaki's?" The doctor said "No. He doesn't fit the profile." I called my Mom that night, and told her about the mention. This part is fuzzy, but I think she went to the library (no www then) and either called or faxed information about KD. There was a list of markers for KD. Day four - add in red, bloodshot eyes. That was on the list. Diagnosis - bad virus + pink eye. He was not getting better

On day five, Austin's hands and feet were swollen. Another marker. Five days, five markers. It was a Saturday. I called the doctor, and insisted on bringing him in. AGAIN. This time, there was a different pediatrician working. He reviewed the chart, and I hesitantly told him about the intern's Kawasaki Disease comment. He left the room, and returned with a very solemn look on his face. He calmly told us to get Austin dressed and go immediately across the street to the hospital. He said, "The intern was right. He has Kawasaki Disease. We need to hurry." After Austin was ready to go, we walked out to the front - expecting to need paperwork or something. The doc was on the phone. He looked up, and yelled "GO! NOW!" As we left, I heard him say "I need a pediatric cardiologist, stat." To this day, I can still feel the fear in those words. 

Austin was treated with IVIG on day 5. We were incredibly lucky. His initial echo showed a slightly enlarged artery, but no aneurysm. I remember signing a release to allow for him to be photographed...KD is rare, so every case warrants study. He has had regular cardiac evaluations over the years, and has passed with flying colors. He had his last appointment with his cardiologist just before starting high school sports. He was given a clean bill of health. 

I have watched many of my friends advocate for their sick kids. They don't stop asking questions and demanding answers. Sure, sometimes it IS "just a virus/allergy/whatever." But sometimes? Sometimes it's not. Well done, Grey's Anatomy. Well done. 


Empty gas tank
I've been running on fumes this week. Restless sleep. No time for green juice in the morning. Only one visit to the gym. Pretty much non-stop work from sun-up to sundown. I sat down tonight to watch Grey's & skype with Barb and realized that it was the first time all week that I've done something "frivilous." (not really the right word. I take Grey's, and Barb, very seriously) I was rewarded with hottie-counselor-guy showing up on Grey's for the 2nd week in a row. Barb & I took a skype-moment to admire him. Nothing frivilous about that. I signed off of skype telling Barb that I was going to bed. Then had to check one thing. Which led to another thing...and another...and oh, what was that thing that I was going to do quickly? Ugh. Now it's past 11:00pm and I am already dreading the 5am alarm. 

Why is it so hard, I wonder, to do the things that we know make us feel rested & healthy & whole? 

going to denver.

Hands down, one of my favorite lines from Grey's last night...when Marc & Callie are at Joe's, and Marc looks at Little Grey and tells Callie..."I'm going to Denver." Damn the "rules". Damn the promise that he made to Derek. He's going to Denver. And I say...right on.

The whole Christina/Mer fight is familiar. I couldn't even really remember what they're fighting about until Barb & I emailed after the show...she couldn't remember, I had to figure it out. They're fighting over the intern surgery thing. But it doesn't really matter what the fight is about. What matters is that neither of them have their person anymore. And that sucks. Because when you're dealing with a creepy serial killer...or just a crappy friday...without your person? Well, it doesn't feel so great.

And then there's Alex & Izzie & dead guy. I feel like the writers are weaning us off of Denny...even though we all just really want him gone anyway. My favorite part of that whole thing in this episode? When Izzie tells Denny that Alex told her that he loves her. She says "that's huge for him." Not "and I love him too." Interesting.

That's some good Grey's.