celebrating the Solstice...

It's the official start of winter - the shortest day & the longest night - but from this day forward, we're headed toward the light. We celebrated with an impromptu (homemade) pizza dinner, a bottle of wine, and logs in the fireplace. After dinner, we both wrote down a list of things/emotions/reactions that we're releasing...and then tossed the papers into the fire. Although not exactly ceremonial, it felt good to honor the day with a ritual. We then settled onto the couch to get a little work done...honoring the intentions that we've both made to get shit done.

I'm spending the next two days in NYC, and then coming home for an extra-long holiday weekend. I'll carve out time to finish up #reverb14, December Daily, and Project Life. So ready for a creative clean slate. 

Happy Solstice, friends! 

glad tidings. comfort. joy.

It seems that after 20 years in New England, I've become conditioned to think of December as cold & snowy...so I'm a bit disoriented (happily so) to be in Florida during the holiday season. It has been the perfect way to hit pause on busy-ness and chaos. Great company, delicious food, sunshine, and laughter...that's what comfort & joy look like right now

hello monday (& all the december things!)


It's Decemberrrrr...and it feels nearly impossible that 2014 is coming to an end. What a wild ride. Today, I'm saying hello to...

December Daily. Yep, I'm in. I'm still behind on Project Life, but that's not going to stop me from adding another project to my list! I'm doing 100% digi this year...so I'm removing the "but I'm traveling for part of the month!" excuse right at the start. Details...

  • Size - 5.5x5.5 with the intention of printing an Artifact Uprising softcover book when I'm done.
  • Color story - I bought Digital Design Essentials Dashing collection yesterday...loving the slightly non-traditional colorway.
  • Photography - I'm going to carry my Canon with me b/c I think that it may remind me to stop & look more often. 
  • Stories - I anticipate a lot of great stories this month (#truth...I'm a little giddy with anticipation). D & I leave for Florida on the 14th. Hope comes home on the 18th (the same day that we return). Throw in a collection of parties & baking & friends...and this month promises to be FULL. 
  • Prep - I used Ali's "my reason why" script (free! thanks Ali!) for an intro page. The next image will be either the first or second page in the album.

My reason why copy Inner Page copy

December #reverb14
- I'm SO excited to do another #reverb project. The amount of writing is a bit staggering, but I dig the reflection & intention. I'm following along with Sarah R. Bagley's prompts. Will likely write/post in the evening b/c writing in the morning is unlikely (#keepingitreal). 

Listening for my 2015 One Little Word. The process of reflecting on the year and thinking about coming year is an open invitation to the word that becomes my touchstone. 

December adventures. A month full of busy-ness, both work & social, with a mini-vacation thrown in the middle. Although my children are accusing me of neglecting them ("you're going on vacation AGAIN without us??"), I will thoroughly enjoy this little escape. 

What are you saying hello to this month? Hello Monday is a Lisa Leonard inspired practice.

dec daily - DONE.

Can I get a woooo hoooo!!!!??? My Dec Daily is DONE. A couple of thoughts on this process & the resulting album - 

*Dec Daily is nearly impossible for me to do daily. So, if I decide to do a 2012 album, I'll be a bit more organized about how I approach it. 

*You'll notice that I used computer journaling at the very beginning (day 4?). I quickly realized that if I had ANY hope of completing this album, I was going to have to simply jot down notes. 

*This was a great way to use random stickers & rubons from my stash-o-stuff. 

*CCG, the day is wrong on the photo of us. I've fixed that. 

*2 days are missing numbers - I've fixed, those too! 

*I really hope that K&Company comes out with a Christmas smash book.

*I tore out a dozen or so pages at the end - used a few to cut up for journaling on other pages, and have saved the rest to use for note paper and/or Traveling Smash and/or Project Life.

*If I were to compare this to the beautiful album that Ali made, I'd feel like a scrappy failure. So I'm not going to compare (and neither should you)...but I do thank her for the inspiration. 

thanks for looking! 

ARRRGGGGHHH. For some reason, Typepad won't let me post as a thumbnail gallery - so you'll have to click over to see the album (and it won't be in order. b/c that would be too easy.)

click here - DEC DAILY ALBUM 2011


hello monday (and dec daily 3 & 4)

hello december daily album pages 3 & 4 (or 4 & 3, thank you funky typepad posting)

hello deciding to go ahead with a Christmas card this year instead of a New Year's card - realizing that I missed the sense of tradition last year.

hello messy scraproom - always a good sign. 

hello last month of being 40 - time to check the list!

hello Nestle Peanut Butter Nips - slightly addicted.

hello menu planning for the week with a focus on quick & easy - shrimp fajitas, tortellini w/pesto, flatbreads, seitan lettuce wraps, spinach fritatta, arugula/apple/brie salad

what are you saying hello to today?

(hello monday is a lisa leonard tradition)

dec daily 2011 - days 1 & 2

Seriously keeping this SO simple this year. It's the only way that I have ANY hope of actually completing the entire album! 

I added an opening holiday manifesto - courtesy of Shimelle (with one small change - can you find it?). 

Days 1 and 2 are complete Kelly Purkey pages. I don't have an Instax (yet), so I just printed photos with a wide border at the bottom. A few journal strips - and done! 


a "smashing" december.

Count me amongst the people who think that pretty much everything that Ali Edwards does is nothing short of brilliant. The December Daily project is one that I love the idea of - but struggle with the execution. Try as I might, I am not a mini-album girl. I attempted the Dec Daily in 2008 (it's still 1/2 done) - skipped it altogether in 2009 - and went with Reverb10 in 2010. So, here we are on the first day of December, twenty-eleven. What's a girl to do? This year, I'm going to Smash...



I picked up the Doodle Red Smash Book and quickly (no. seriously. like 3.5 minutes this morning.) added a tag to the cover to christen it "dec daily." My plan? To take it easy. To go with the flow. To add in holiday-ish bits when I feel like it. To tear out pages that I don't like. To remember that December is full of more than just green & red.

Are you doing a December Daily? I'd love to see!