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hello monday. april 14th.

the postcard project.

the postcard project.
About a month ago, I picked up Keri Smith's Everything is Connected  during an insomnia-induced Amazon shopping stint. I've had the book sitting on my scrap table as a visual reminder to buy postcard stamps. I finally got around to doing that last week. Now, I'm ready to start sending out some postcards!

The concept of the book (like most everything of Keri's) is to HAVE FUN. Each postcard encourages you (or the recipient) to embark on some creative adventure. I love the idea of sending these out, leaving them in public places as I travel, or even just choosing one to complete myself on a lonely weekend.

Wanna play? Follow this link - Katrina's Postable - to leave your address, and add "postcard project" in the notes. Even if you think that I have your address, I'd so appreciate if you add it via the link. I didn't manage to get all of my address file imported during the holidays. I can't guarantee that I'll send out postcards with any consistent cadence, but I'll try!

edited - Postable link fixed!