four...april 2014.
the postcard project.

2014 Project Life. February & March.

Figuring out 40 feb 1

By popular (okay, actually...just 2) Feb & March Project Life spreads. They're simple (as always), and have some crazy glare going on in these photos (sorry 'bout that). I've decided to return to weekly spreads b/c the monthly thing just isn't working for me. Anyway...

Figuring out 40 feb 2

I'll likely add in some photos from Montreal - I realized as I was doing these that I didn't include any! You'll notice that I've also (almost) caught up on the 52 Lists project

Figuring out 40 march 1

The back side of my barre blog post is reserved for a 52 Lists page that hasn't been completed yet!

Figuring out 40 march 2

I still don't love how sloppy these page protectors are - the tolerance in the pockets is pretty huge (meaning that a 2x2 photo slides around in a 2x2 pocket). 

Figuring out 40 march 3

It's hard to tell in these photos, but most of the 2x2 photos have a line of white text in the center.

Project Life™ is a super simple scrapbooking system developed by Becky Higgins. Learn more about it here. I'm using (mostly) Simple Stories products this year.