the -ing list.
four...april 2014.

you're my favorite (march).


A few things that I loved in March...

The Rocket (hibiscus vodka, elderflower liqueur, grapefruit juice) - this drink will be replicated at home. often. 

California - despite travel hiccups, heading west twice in one month is so good for my soul. 

This movie trailer - oh. my. god. every time I see this trailer, I am more convinced that this movie is going to be my undoing. (ps. Hermine, we're going to this movie together. B/c I said so.)

Brene Brown's RSA talk - at Tamara's suggestion, I listened to the audio on my drive back from NH today, and it (along with everything else that Brene does) is A-MAZING. 

Emily - Angie linked to her blog in an email, and I didn't get any work done for the rest of that day....and in the funny (fabulous) way that the Universe works, Emily and I connected and OHMYGODILOVETHEINTERWEBS. Anyway. She's the real deal. And my kind of people. Also? EFFINGAWESOME.

My tribe - the showing up, the making me laugh, the checking in, the empathy, the support. It doesn't matter if we've known each other since kindergarten (I'm looking at you, Renee), or we've only connected via blogland - I love you

Anne Lamott - I felt a little self-conscious when I checked out 3 books by the same author, but I just needed an Anne fix. And I'm okay with that. 

Meditations & Miracles - I aspire to have this level of honesty & authentic self. 

P!nk - I watched a documentary about her on one of my flights this month, and it just made me adore her more. Just Give Me a Reason is in frequent rotation...still. "I let you see the parts of me that weren't all that pretty, and with every touch, you fixed them."