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you're my favorite (february)


Robert left this morning - headed back to Texas, via a few days in D.C. So, in honor of my favorite brother, I'm dedicating my Feb favorites to him...


A few things that I loved in February....

*the way that you greeted me every day with "How was your day? Anything new or exciting?"

*the way that you didn't complain about cleaning up the kitchen....even when it wasn't your mess. 

*your hatred of arugula & avocado...even though they are two of my favorite foods

*how you say "have you seen?" in this hopeful voice that seems to belief that I will ever answer yes

*the face that you made when you tasted raw beets

*your overuse of the word "apparently..."

*seriously the funniest thing that I've heard in a long time...(when seeing an ambulance) "Did I call them? Am I hurt?"

*when I start reading...."Oh, are you reading? I'll come talk to you..."

Missing my little brother tonight. Feeling grateful that we had the past 3 months to re-acquaint as adults. I know that you're my only brother, but you're also my favorite....