saying no to goals in march...
when the circle is broken.

when plans change.

I was ever-so-briefly in Southern California last week. I had plans to attend the Natural Products Expo Fri & Sat...and then discovered that my flights were booked incorrectly, and I'd need to return to VT on Sat morning. There was a time that this revelation would have sent me reeling. Perhaps it's age...or meditation...or an abundance of wine...but this time? I decided to just roll with it. 


I read Tsh's book in it's entirety on my flight west. Although I think that it would have had more impact in my younger-kids-years, I still found it inspiring and beautiful. 


Blue skies + palm trees + warmth = a soothed soul. Add to that the opportunity to hug dear friends? Happy girl. 


Even my pre-flight dinner didn't work out, so I ended up waiting until the tail-end of a red-eye to find much-needed nourishment. Grateful that airports offer healthy choices. 


Austin picked me up at the airport, and we headed to Misery Loves Company for coffee and giant croissants. Then I crawled into bed and caught up on the week's TV shows before dozing off for a long nap. 


Austin worked Saturday afternoon/evening, and then headed to his Dad's....but first texted and said "how 'bout breakfast tomorrow?" Yes, please


Clothbound Cheddar Souffle + salad from South End Kitchen

Turns out, when plans's okay.