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Travel woes...

It's 2am EST, and I'm hanging out in JFK. I left San Francisco at noon yesterday, took a short detour to Wilkes-Barre, PA after we were diverted from JFK and nearly ran out of gas (seriously??)...and then heard that the JFK->BTV flight was cancelled. As people heard that flight tomorrow were completely booked, I thanked the universe for a travel budget, and booked a different airline (and different airport). I'm going to stick around for a few hours before heading to LGA b/c a fellow traveler about Hope's age was feeling pretty stressed about the situation, and I can't just leave her. If me being close by allows her to get a bit of sleep, then I'm happy.

It's an inconvenience, for sure...but it's really just that. An inconvenience. We are safe, we are warm, and there's a Starbucks that will open in a few hours! We'll all make it home eventually. Another travel adventure to add to Project Life....

(note to self - start putting an extra toothbrush in your carry on bag)