#cookingcure : breakfast.
you're my favorite (march).

the -ing list.


drinking coffee while ignoring the pointed stare from my water bottle.

taking a lot of deep breaths.

reeling a bit from a series of hateful & hurtful texts last night. wondering what the lesson is. trying not to accept the words as truth. As a result...

setting boundaries - hard lines - that have needed to be set for a very long time.

deleting those that fall outside said boundaries.

wanting spring to arrive more than anything. craving open windows.

feeling thankful for friends, new and old - and for an awesome brother who is also a friend.

making lists of household tasks after my realtor walk-through yesterday (minor & cosmetic - yay!)

needing to carve out some time to read.

listening to Imagine Dragon's Demons.

sending love, light, and healing & remembering that the best way to get out of my head is to think of others.

committing to a retreat that I am wicked excited about  & trusting that the Universe will help make it possible.

wishing that napping was acceptable in the office.

crossing little tasks off my to-do list.

believing in magic & miracles. knowing that I can have both.

sitting still every morning, even if only for a few breaths.

practicing lovingkindess.