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#cookingcure : breakfast.


My friends & I are playing a bit (okay, a lot) of catch-up on The Kitchn's Cooking Cure. It's a particularly interesting challenge for this group - we all love food (like, duh), but we all bring distinctly different preferences & challenges to the table. We've got a vegetarian, a pescetarian, some family allergies, little ones, travel schedules, and a general sense of food fatigue. Complicated much?

I should start by saying that breakfast is pretty important to me. I rarely skip it. I have vivid memories of breakfast being a diet coke on the walk to the bus I make sure that Austin (and Hope, when she was at home) have a "real" breakfast. 

Day 1 asked for a listing of the past week's breakfasts. Mine: egg & cheese burrito, a homemade trail mix of almonds, dried pineapple & dark chocolate, scrambled eggs + cheese + green onion, egg & avocado burrito, fried eggs + avocado toast, smoothie made with almond milk, banana, peanut butter, and Tera's Whey

Day 2 asked 3 questions about breakfast habits

1. What am I tired of eating? Flour tortillas + egg + cheese. This version of a breakfast burrito is super boring. 

2. What do I love eating? Kale (no, seriously), hearty slices of toast, interesting cheeses, eggs, green smoothies, waffles. 

3. What would I like to eat more often? Breakfast scrambles with a combo of veggies, interesting grains, toast with goat cheese & jam, waffles. 

Then, the #cookingcure tasks you to develop some goals from this reflection. My goals: 1)add veggies 2) sit down at the kitchen table for breakfast 3) make ahead grains to use for breakfast. 

Day 3- find 5 new breakfast recipes. I chose Killer Granola (eaten atop coconut greek yogurt), Greens & Grains Scramble from Whole Grain Mornings, a spin of a Zen Quinoa Bowl, a Superfood Sunshine Smoothie, and a Scramble with Hash Browns & Peppers. 

Day 4 and 5 - shop for the recipes, and then make breakfast & plan for the week. Done and done. (I did run into a slight hiccup when grocery shopping - no good avocados. Drat.

I will admit that on Monday, I ended up eating breakfast at my desk after I got to work - but at least I was eating homemade granola and greek yogurt, right? 

What do you eat for breakfast?