the end of an orange-handled era.
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all is well in my world - scandal is back.


I have a couple of posts half-written in draft, evidence of a week that has been busy with work, barre, snow, friends, and more work. So, I'll just procrastinate finishing those up for another day (or three) and talk about the obsession that is Scandal. As y'all know, I don't have a (working) TV, so I can't watch Scandal on Thursday nights....but I do have my favorite brother's Hulu-Plus password, so I caaaaan wake up early on Friday and watch it on my iPhone while drinking coffee in bed. So, there's that. 

I've long been a fan of Shonda Rhimes, and was a faithful Grey's fan until it got all ridiculous (last few seasons). I am completely aware that Scandal is basically Grey's @ the White House, and I'm completely okay with that. I'm also aware that Scandal may go the way of ridiculous like Grey's, but for now? It's fabulous. 

My weekly Scandal routine starts on Friday night, as it's playing out for all those who have a TV. I follow #Scandal on Twitter, and get the highlights, and the HILARIOUS comments. Spoiler? Yep, a little, but in a good way...makes me look forward to watching it even more. 

Thursday night's episode delivered an epic Daddy Pope speech ("start grieving now. rend your garments. curse the heavens. but first....RUN"), more of Mellie's shenanigans (a "gal pal" lunch with Olivia), a Harrison WHHAAAATTTT??? (his "enemy" is a woman?), James playing double agent ("my husband is a monster"), Sally blaming the devil ("i did not murder my husband, the devil did"), and of course - more angst with Olivia & Fitz (he says he won't lose her again, she says Vermont keeps getting farther away). Leaving out Quinn b/c...over.her.

Go Gladiators, go.