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all is well in my world - scandal is back.

the end of an orange-handled era.

Fiskars copy

In May 2008, my friend May Flaum sent me a box o' product to play with from Fiskars and Fiskars Brands (back then, it was Heidi Grace, Cloud 9 Designs, and Lil Davis Designs). A month later, she gave me a little heads up that Stephenie Hamen might be contacting me about a design team position. On July 1, 2008, I officially joined the team. 

Today, I submitted my final assignments to Stephenie. It has been a crazy creative journey, filled with hundreds of assignments, countless punches, and many, many late night photo sessions. It's the end of an orange-handled era. I'm so grateful for the experience, for the opportunity to work with such an amazing company, and for Stephenie's support & friendship. This is a good thing, this's another step forward