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five on friday (thoughts & things)

Not in the mood for Friday Reflections today, so keeping it simple with 5 thoughts.... 

1. Winter needs to be over. Like, now. It took longer for me to hit the winter wall this year (grateful for that), but now I'm 200% OVER IT. I want warm sunshine, bike rides, and flip flops. Since I can't have that anytime soon(ish), I'm thinking of finally buying a pair of Hunters.  

2. I embarked on a week of raw eating last Sunday, and fell jumped off the wagon on Tuesday. I don't feel the least bit guilty about that. I've done raw before, and know that I can force myself into the discipline....but I don't enjoy it. At all. This (start of a) week of raw followed a week of strict vegan. I missed eggs a lot. It's possible that I sat in my car yesterday and practically inhaled a breakfast sandwich made with tempeh, egg, and cheese. Delicious.

3. Scandal comes back next week. Who is inviting me over to watch it? I normally watch it the next day online, but I'm hearing that's no longer possible.

4. I am sick of virtually every piece of clothing that I own. Current dilemma - the last few things that I've purchased from Loft have been disappointing from a quality perspective. Gap is hit or miss for me. Next?

5. I'm kinda in the mood to bake. This angel food cake looks ridiculously amazing. These cookies still intrigue me. And these cupcakes, b/c of the booze (obviously).