you're my favorite (january)
four. february 2014.

52 lists. weeks 3 & 4.

I printed each of these weeks onto a 4x6 card to put into my Project Life album. I decided that each week doesn't have to be a super long list...and it's okay to downsize. 

week 3 // list the things that you should be proud of

i am raising 2 amazing young adults. i survived a massive, life-altering car accident. i completed 2 half marathons. i often make the hard choices & choose the difficult path. i show up & do the work. i am a good cook. i work hard to maintain strong friendships. i make kick-ass cupcakes. i have launched hundreds of products in my 15 years at AH. i have cultivated a meditation & mindfulness practice. i am creative. i try to be kind daily, and when i fail...i try again.

week 4 // list your current & future goals & dreams

get really strong in barre class. get the house sell-ready. read more. be brave when saying no, and braver when saying yes. stop downplaying the things that are important to me. take at least one vacation a year with Barb. get to a healthy weight. re-establish a yoga practice. save $1,000 for an emergency fun. pay off debt. take Hope & Austin to Hawaii. attend a meditation retreat. live near the ocean. write a book. visit Bali. bake bread consistently. try dozens of new recipes. solve some sleep problems. travel more. visit Kelly in Paris. go on a few dates. stay current with 2014 Project Life. move FORWARD. stay true to a gratitude practice. buy more fresh flowers & houseplants. wear more dresses. make payments on-time or early. get another tattoo. 

**note that I've intentionally mixed current & future in this list, with no delineation between the two. I don't want to relegate certain things to "someday" by telling the universe "not now...that's for the future."