a sunday drive.
1.17.14. friday reflections.

thoughts on practice.

I've had practice on my mind a lot over the past few weeks. In 2012, I established twelve practices. I thought about those practices again when I wrote about rituals during the Reverb project. I'm drawn to the concept of practice more than goals (although, I do still set goals. I waver.). When I look at things as a goal, it's too "easy" for me to give up when I miss a day. I tend to be a little black & white. The concept of practice feels more forgiving - you can always do better the next time. As I reviewed those twelve practices, I realized that most are still important to me, and I've renewed my focus for 2014.

Specifically -

1. a yoga practice - needing, wanting to get back into a yoga class. My friend, Leigh, and I were talking about practice in the context of yoga, and she really captured it so very well - we all practice yoga because few are masters. She was also sharing that she hasn't found a yoga home. Totally get that, although I'm fortunate to feel that way about Laughing River Yoga. Time to go home.

2. a meditation practice - daily. no time minimum. no requirement to be sitting in a particular place. Some days, I'm following guided meditation, some days ocean sounds, some days silence. Other days, it's about mantras. Still other days are just about pausing to take a breath.

3. a calendar practice - iCal for the win. I've also used an email service that sends a remind when tasks are due (my children LOVE getting an email to take the trash out. Ha!).

4. an exercise practice - still getting back into this practice. Back/hip pain derails me a lot.

5. a writing practice - I'm practicing morning pages right now, most often using 750words.

6. a gratitude practice - I've bounced all around on this one - using a gratitude journal, an app, instagram, etc. I'll continue to use a variety of ways to document, but I'm trying to lean toward putting pen to paper in my journal.

7. a OLW practice - I haven't signed up for Ali's class yet, but after seeing Lee's first month, I'm very tempted. I'm grateful (see practice #6) for friends who are helping me keep my OLW front & center by asking "is that moving you forward?"

For 2014, I'm adding at least one new practice...

8. a bedtime practice - Trying to fend off insomnia with a few new habits - washing my face every night (I'm fortunate to have very good skin that has endured years of neglect), reading a bit before going to sleep, buying new pjs instead of throwing on a ratty t-shirt.

Although I'm not one to use sports analogies, I think that this one fits - teams practice whether they win or lose a game. It's the daily/weekly practice that keeps them in shape. They show up. They do the work. They try again, and again, and again.

How 'bout you? What are you practicing?