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reverb remix 2013 : one word for 2014

Reverb13this posts starts the "manifest" portion of the practice...

1. One Word | 2014. *updated* What is your OLW for 2014?

Even though I don't feel like my 2013 OLW really took hold, I knew that I'd continue the practice for 2014. I put the intention out into the universe, and "invited" a word to find me. And find me, it did....

When: sitting on an airplane on 11/13/13, headed to San Francisco, reading Andrea Scher's blog post about turning 42
What: reading Andrea's words about having the capacity to hold so much more, mixed with a line of thinking about being stuck, and feeling as though I'm out of time - I thought "I'm moving forward." A crystal clear whisper. Quickly followed by laughter coupled with tears in my eyes, and staring out the window so that the guy next to me didn't think that I was nuts. FORWARD. It's a direction. It's a boldness. It's movement. It can be baby steps or big leaps. 

I've been letting this word settle in over the past 6 weeks, wanting to make sure that it really felt right. It fits perfectly. I am so excited to see what FORWARD means in 2014. 

Forward one little word