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2014 Project Life Plans


I started doing Project Life in 2012. I was all in, and it shows in my albums (3 of them, each very full). I continued in 2013, and well...I know you're all pretty tired of hearing how this year turned out. My 2013 album (singular) has less journaling, more "filler" cards, and simply tells a different story. 

For 2014, I've decided to take a different path. 

One, I'm downsizing. I picked up 2 Orange Sn@p Binders at Michaels last week, and a couple of packages of page protectors. I bought the assorted pkg - but I'm really on the fence about the version that has a 2x8 pocket down the side. Feels like an awkward size. Anyway, the Sn@p pages are 6x8...the same size that MANY people used for their December Daily projects this year. Plus, KP used this format for her 2013PL, as did I have plenty of inspiration.

Two, I'm ditching the weekly spreads. Sure, some weeks might naturally end up with a space all their own, but overall...I'm moving to a monthly format. I have NO IDEA at this point if that means that I'll end up with 2 albums for the year, or 3...or even 4. Quality over quantity. 

Three, I'm hoping for more substance. I'm thinking about doing some monthly reflection journaling to include, and pretty psyched about having a 6x8 space to tackle that. 

Four, I'm going to suplement Project Life with photobooks from Artifact Uprising. I adore the concept of off your device, into your life - and plan to embrace that in the form of photobooks, postcards, and prints.

I think that this simplified approach will allow more space to enjoy the project, and will also bring me back to the blog more often. Over the past year, I've felt that I "saved up" photos & stories for PL instead of merely sharing them here. 

Your turn - how are you tackling Project Life in 2014? 

Project Life™ is a super simple scrapbooking system developed by Becky Higgins. Learn more about it here