drop & give me gratitude.
fly away home.

hello monday 11.11.13

hello to newly painted "white" walls (it's actually Behr Swiss Coffee). I had been wanting to repaint the living room, entryway, and hallway for quite some time...everything was just looking dingy. First step, walls...then changing up the mantel. Next up (after the holidays)...new pillows & artwork for the walls. Even though I'm pondering moving house in the spring/summer, it feels good to freshen up.

hello to being SUPER excited that my brother is visiting soon. He'll arrive on Thanksgiving, and will likely stay through the first of the year. Robert hasn't been to VT. I'm so looking forward to showing him around. I know that our Mom is worried about him dealing with the cold & snow, but I'm way more delicate than he is...and I've survived 20 years here!

hello to leaving for SF on Wednesday. Soooo looking forward to California sunshine, the vibe of the city, and seeing friends (who are also colleagues). Oh, and working...starting with reading this book on the plane.

(related) hello to starting to define new/improved travel habits. Since I know that 2014 will involve a lot more travel, I want to get some best practices in place. First up...loading up on Vitamin C at least 2 days before getting on a (germ-filled) plane.

hello to starting to ponder how I want to approach Project Life next year. Although I have spent the majority of this year completely behind, I do still believe in this project. Not sure if I want to go 100% digital (unlikely), move to a smaller size, or just keep on keeping on.

hello to backsliding a bit in the pain department...but getting right back to acupuncture today, and feeling immediate relief. Thinking that we'll add cupping to the mix when I get back from CA.

What are you saying hello to today?