fly away home.
things to remember.

monday (11.18.13)


today, I...enjoyed 53° weather (and not wearing a coat)

today, I...had to run to Best Buy on my lunch break, which is oh-so-conveniently located super close to Starbucks

today, I...had Chocolate Chai tea (not from SBX) and am not sure what to think of it

today, I...said "this is what i need from you" and hoped, with all of my heart, that the recipient heard me

today, I...made mushroom & sage risotto, and laughed as Austin tried mushrooms for the 12th time, and STILL ended up picking them out

today, I...felt angry and sad for two friends who are dealing with two very different, but difficult situations (psa - kindness matters)

today, I...listened to Taylor Swift's RED for about the millionth time (KP, I blame you). Missing him is dark grey all alone...

today, a high-five from Austin when I told him the story of my 2014 OLW making itself known (no, I'm not telling y'all yet)

today, I...left some space for the Universe to heal a relationship that means the world to me. I have no idea what that healing will look like, but I'm going to believe that love wins.

today, I...felt powerful & strong on the elliptical

today, I...marked one day off the "countdown to Thanksgiving break" calendar

today, I...was happy and grateful