exposed brick & high ceilings.
fab finds : ozeri stainless steel earth pan

wednesday on the web.


First - thank you for your comments about the possibility of moving. It's sometimes (always) scary to say big ideas out loud! I'll be spending the winter planning, painting, and watching apartment lists. There's a brand spanking new development nearby that doesn't have exposed brick, but DOES have a lot of qualities that I like. I'm going to take Barb's advice and do a walk-through to just see if the vibe feels right. 

I haven't done a Wednesday on the Web in a very long time. Here's what I'm digging on the interwebs right now....

I've read this post every day for a week. The concept of sitting in witness is so powerful. I (too) often judge my reactions as being flawed. I'm practicing just noticing & naming them instead. 

Wanting to read this book...and reminding myself that I need to renew my library card.

I went to the farmstand at lunch yesterday to buy delicata squash for this recipe.

I'm going to block out a chunk of time this weekend to read these money memoirs. (Speaking of money, I'm trying out Moven.)

With thanks to Lee for pointing me in the right direction, I've signed up for this book club (starts in January). Would love some local friends to join me! (I'm joining Pamela Clark's group)

Katrina's writing steadies me. 

I'll be glued to my computer on Sunday for Dani and Oprah

What are you reading on the web? Please share!