2013 WITL : Friday
a bit on blessings.

on mondays & getting back in the groove.

A few jumbled thoughts today...

I completed Week in the Life yesterday. It is hard to maintain the momentum all week! I signed on to WITL as a way to force myself to "look for the beautiful." When Kelly checked in mid-week to see if that strategy was working, I tearfully said that it wasn't. However. I am happy to report that staying true to the project helped me to shift my focus.

Lee mentioned E-Squared, and I quickly downloaded it. Truth be told, I had passed it over a few months ago (I'm a book reviewer for Hay House Publishing) ago. I read a bit yesterday morning, and started my first experiment. Wheee!

Need a new song for your iphone alarm? Go with Blurred Lines. No, seriously. I couldn't care less about the controversy around it. The fact that my alarm went off this am with the first couple of beats and "everybody get up!"....THAT made me smile.

Go make these green beans. Right now.

Barb is coming to visit on Saturday. I don't think that I need to explain how giddy that makes me.

Enjoy your Monday!