this one.

hello @#$%^^ monday.

Oh, Monday...why must you be such a b*tch??

Today was not my favorite day. My blood pressure started rising as I checked my email at a stoplight (the car was not moving. settle.). I would love to be everything to everyone...but I can't. 

*I am super aware that my mood today (best defined as generally malcontented) was influenced by discovering some disturbing news via twitter about someone that I was friends with. The revelation left me questioning my judgement. It left me hesitant to trust - are people just not who they present themselves to be? I am shaken & disappointed. 

*I am straddling two jobs right now - account management & business development. I feel like I am failing at both. I am so thankful that I am handing over my account management duties to ridiculously talented people...but I am so freaking worried that I am going to let them down. 

*Have I mentioned that I'm off for the first part of next week? I'm seriously counting down the days. Why is it that you don't see burn out coming?

*Directly related to everthing else in this post - Snicker Peanut Butter minis are freakin' AWESOME.