around here : mid july
move more, drink less.

what's true?

In a random act of decluttering, I finally took all the data/photos/contacts off of my Blackberry. I found this photo of a button that I picked up at a trade show (courtesy of a soap company that is no longer in business). I chuckled (as I ofte do) that the universe delivered up a reminder that I needed (as it often does). 

"What's true?" is such a helpful little phrase when life gets stressful and tiring and, y'know, every day. When doubts & fears crowd my head, I try to fall back on truth, and ask...sometimes gently, and sometimes with tough love...what's true?

What's true right now is that I have dishes in the sink that have been there since tuesday. I am breathing a sigh of relief that I no longer have to deal with someone who was just unkind. I am whispering, and shouting, "thank you" a lot, and still forgetting to write in my gratitude journal. I am staying up a bit too late watching Orange is the New Black. I am loving my friends, even though the space of summer makes me worry that they no longer love me. I am in need of a day off that doesn't have a purpose, other than being a day off. I am starting to book senior portrait sessions, and deciding how fervently (or not) I want to pursue more shoots.

What's true for you right now?