1532 miles.
ventage tuesday : love/hate

dear july.

dear july - 

first, i have to tell you that your friend june is, well, not so friendly. sure, i had a great trip to wisconsin, and got to hug BOTH of my kids during the month...but still...june was not the best. let's try to do better than that, shall we? 

i have plans, july. i want to look back on the month and think "wow - july really ROCKED it." i want more laughter than tears. i want more wins than losses. i want more succss than failure.

if i can be specific for a moment - i also want to catch up on project life. yes, i still believe in this project. i'm taking the therearenorulesexceptmovingforward approach to the past. hence my somewhat awkward & plain may 2013 collage-o-photos. soon to be printed at a costco near you (or, y'know...me). i'll slide that bad boy into a page protector, add some journaling on the reverse side, and then attempt to conquer june over the holiday weekend. i'm all about fresh starts, july....and project life seems like an easy place to begin. 

could i ask one little favor of you, july? could you be the month where i finally let go of this weight that i'm carrying? i get it, i really do - stress, adrenal fatigue, winter, blah, blah, blah. let's get over ourselves. i'm walking, i'm drinking less wine, and i'm eating well. let's get on with it. progress would be appreciated.

back in january, i pledged to SOAR this year. so far, it has felt iike i always have a broken wing. let's be epic this month. let's have lift-off. let's hang out in the clouds.