it's like riding a bike.
what's true?

around here : mid july

Who turned up the heat?
I try really hard to not complain about the temperature in the summer - I save those complaints for the winter. I'll stick to complaining about the humidity and the mosquitos. I mean, seriously. This hair is not humidity-friendly. At all. I tried to sit out in the yard last night in an adirondack chair, under a tree...idyllic, right? Mosquitos nearly carried me away.

Project Life, OLW, and my Happiness Project are all on my mind. I haven't given up on any of them. Project Life - you know the score. OLW - I haven't talked about SOAR much b/c it hasn't been as present as SHIFT was in 2012. In fact, shift kinda refused to leave...which is okay by me. Happiness Project - I fell off the wagon on setting themes & resolutions. I'm slowly getting back on track. More on that soon. 

Doing the (side) Hustle. I am very, very fortunate that I have interesting & inspiring freelance work. A little social media, a few photo shoots, and some crafting add up to some good times. I also do a wee bit of writing - and I'm thinking that I might try ramping that up. Not sure exactly what that looks like yet. 

Walk & ride. I lost my FitBit charger for about a week, so my stats make it look like I didn't budge. Not true! I'm happy to have the tracking back, although it's also a harsh reminder that my days are very sedentary. I can definitely see bike riding become a BIG part of my routine. 

Reading too many books at once (which results in staying up too late). Watching Suits and Mistresses. Drinking too much coffee. 

How's your July?