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Did you know that Typepad has reached the double digits? Happy Birthday to the blogging platform that I call home. The creative types over at the pad (see what I did there?) have posed a few questions to those of us who blog...

What do you love about blogging?

Blogging is like having coffee with a whole bunch of my friends, without having to get out of my pjs. I can write when I'm happy, sad, frustrated, angry...whatever...and I can count on virtual hugs, high-fives, and (good-natured) heckling. It's fun to have a table in my own little corner of the interwebs. I love telling stories in words & pictures. I love sharing the journey.

I've read buzz about blogging fading away due to an overload of social sharing sites. Here's my view - Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook (all near & dear to me) are speed dating - I can check in on a dozen friends and strangers with very little commitment. Blogging is a more intimate relationship. 

How has it changed your life?

When I started blogging in 2005, I thought I'd have a dozen readers at most - basically my Mom, my brother, and a handful of friends. Today, I have readers all over the country - including my Mom, my brother (maybe my sister?), and dozens of friends. Blogging makes the web a little smaller, and my world a lot bigger. 

Why you blog with Typepad?

Hmmm...good question! When I started blogging, I'm pretty sure that there was a choice between Typepad and Blogger. I liked Typepad's design/graphic options much better - and truth be told, the bloggers that I admired were using Typepad. So, I went where the cool kids were. Peer pressure! I've stayed with this platform b/c it's super-easy to customize and manage. Good on ya, Typepad! 

This little blog of mine... 

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Happy Birthday Typepad!