soaring into summer 2013
ventage tuesday : bravery & love.

the first week of June.

First, let me just say that you won't hear any "where is the time going???" complaints from this girl. 2013 has been all kinds of challenging, so I'm not willing time to slow down. No, really. Not at all.

this week...I attended the 3rd session of a Thought Patterns for High Performance seminar that our company hosted. Overall, it's AWESOME stuff. However, I didn't enjoy today. I was distracted. I was restless. I was (mildly) irritated that I had to pull the introvert card - twice - and declare my need for silence while thinking. That being said, I think that my favorite take-away is a neon index "compliment card" that has positive things about ME, written by 8 of my co-workers. Co-workers that are on different teams, that I don't interract with on a daily basis. I think that I'm going to mailing compliment cards to friends. 

this week...Austin & I are doing a raw + vegan eating plan. Some may remember that I did a month long vegan experiment in 2011. I survived, sampled some interesting vegan restaurants, and...sorely missed eggs. I predict the same outcome this time. Austin & I agree that we don't want to be raw and/or vegan long term - but it's a (relatively) easy reset strategy. Note - for anyone concerned about an active teenage boy & protein - we're supplementing with a raw vegan protein powder, and hemp seeds (10g of protein per 3 tbls). We had zucchini "noodles" with arugula pesto & diced red peppers for dinner last night and LOVED it. 

this week...I am looking forward to seeing Clint Bierman & the Necessary Means at Nectars. I saw/heard them at Jazz Fest this past weekend, and they are amazeballs. Plus, Clint is particularly easy on the eyes. He makes bald look wicked hot. Just sayin.

this week...I need to clean my bathrooms, fold the mountain of laundry on Hope's bed (SO dangerous to have an empty room at my storage disposal), and dispose of the majesty palm in the living room that I managed to kill. Austin's reaction to my speculation about how I killed the plant was "Or, it's just that you have a black thumb. You can't be good at everything Mom. That wouldn't be fair to other people." 

this week...I am moving forward with a sense of humor & adventure. 'Nuff said.

this week...I am SUPER excited for my little brother, who is moving to Madison NEXT SUNDAY. Whhhaaattt??? Wasn't I just there?? Crazy little thing called life.

What's on your plate this week?