what a week.
ventage tuesday : ventage hangover (the good kind)

ventage tues(wednes)day: opposites attract

I had this post written in my head last night - so I'm considering it a legit ventage tuesday entry! This week, we're celebrating Stephanie! And by 'celebrate' - I mean that ALL FIVE VENTAGE GIRLS will share the same physical space for the first time in history. Look out world!!! 

Steph & I are probably the most opposite of the Ventage Girls. She eats bacon/I eat kale. She swoons over muscle-y guys / I lean toward skinny hipsters. She vacations at Disney/ my kids have never visited the mouse. She can recommend awesome kids programming / I forget that I have cable. Despite all of these differences? We are friends. We share a love of the Ventage Girls, scrapbooking, Target, and the well-placed "for the win" comment. Stephanie knows what it means to be a warrior mama - her battles are different than mine, for sure, but we both show up - road-weary, clutching a starbucks cup, and wearing lipgloss. 

Happy Birthday dear friend!!! See you sooooo soon!!!!