ventage tues(wednes)day: opposites attract
soaring into summer 2013

ventage tuesday : ventage hangover (the good kind)

image from katyat34.typepad.comThere will be #averyventageweekend post coming SOON, I promise. I will also get back to more regular blogging, I promise. Today's ventage topic is really about how to come back down to reality after spending a super-awesome-incredible-epic-glamorous-fabulous weekend with the ventage girls. And, given that I've been traveling on & off for 3 straight weeks - it's about how I get back to reality in general. Sigh. 

1. Water - H2O will be my drink of choice over the next week or so. Lots & lots of water. I enjoyed many a Wisconsin beer, a few glasses of wine, and several gin & gingers this weekend. Oh, and a mimosa with virtually every breakfast. It's now back to water. 

2. Veggies - Even as a pescetarian, my veggie intake suffers when I travel. Who wants to order a salad when there is a pan of melted cheese with apples & walnuts??? Not this girl. I'll be loading up on lots of veggies - and even MORE starting on Saturday when Austin & I embark on a raw vegan experiment (his idea!). 

3. Laundry - This is a lesson that I've learned over the years of traveling. Suitcases gets emptied directly into the washer. Clean clothes = order. 

4. Photos - I've already downloaded photos from my "real" camera, and I'll upload iPhone pics tonight. I'm going to resize & send to Costco for printing. I normally print at home, but when I've got a BUNCH, there's no way to beat the Costco route. Spending the weekend with creative friends definitely put me in the mood to tackle Project Life again. 

5. Lists - I've written before about the fact that I sometimes get my best ideas while on an airplane. I've made several lists over the past few weeks - it's time to pull them together and make plans. 

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