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ventage tuesday : we were late bloomers?

VentagetuesdaysI'm posting this MUCH later than anticipated...but I am determined to participate in today's Ventage Tuesday. We like to call this year the "Ventage Year of Awesome." Today, we're bringing you the "Ventage Years of Awkward." I think it's fair to say that we were late bloomers. (note, for anyone that I have known in my ENTIRE LIFE, be warned that I likely have photos of you...so be careful how hard you laugh!)

IMG_19572 things about this photo - 1) crooked glasses much?? and 2) my Mom made that shirt and I loved that shirt. I think that I wore it in consecutive school year photos. 

IMG_1958Curly hair tip - when you don't know what to do with your hair, just keep it short.

IMG_1959This is the reason that frizz serum was invented.

IMG_1960Oh the 80's. And Sun-In. 

IMG_1961In case you thought I was all girly in the prairie skirt - BAM! preppy polo with the casually tied sweater brings the outfit home. 

IMG_1962There is SO MUCH WRONG with this photo. The hair. The yellow teeth. The XL tshirt from the men's department. Oh, but hey! I'm wearing a Swatch! 

IMG_1963Let's just call this one - go BIG or go home. 

Be sure to check out the other girls' ventage awkwardness. And please, do feel free to share your own. 

Angie, Steph, Barb & Em