(4.15) this week.
what's on your...

light & love...again.

The Ventage Girls have been a bit out of sorts lately. I'd say that we're all taking "spring break" from Ventage Tuesdays, but that would bring to mind images of fruity drinks & sandy beaches...or at least Starbucks runs & springy new flats. The truth is, the Ventage Girls are hanging on. We're looking for the bright spots, reminding each other that we're loved, and maybe drinking an extra glass of wine (or three). I know that personally, I thought that this week held the promise of less dark & twisty, and more shiny sparkle. 

And then the bombs exploded in Boston. 

I heard about the explosions from Becky via email. Like so many others, I quickly scoured social media sites & news sites for information. We are 4 short hours from Boston. Which means that everyone knows someone - or knows someone who knows someone - that could have been there. I'll be honest, it was an hour or so before I could even process who might have been nearby. I checked on friends' Facebook statuses & Twitter feeds. I didn't call or email b/c I didn't want to add to the chaos. And...I needed to wrap my head around what was happening. I texted Hope to see if she knew what was happening. I knew that Austin would be monitoring information as it came out. I checked the news again. I watched the videos again.

I blogged on Sunday that I was "grateful for the chance to begin again. And again, and again." The word again has been haunting me...it was the first word that came to mind when I read the word "bomb." I was living in Oklahoma...3 hours from OKC...when the federal building was attacked. Distance doesn't lessen the fear or the heartwrenching sadness. It simply felt too close. Yesterday, it felt too close, again. 

So. On this Ventage Tuesday, I'm sending light & love to Boston...and I will do it again, and again, and again.