ventage tuesdays : a little spring in our step.
ventage tuesday : luck of the irish?

(3.11) this week.

I'm not really sure what happened with the blogging last week. A few business dinners, a lot of laundry, and a persistent bad mood - any or all of those might have happened. I'm usually not a fan of "fake it til you make it," but I'm willing to give it a shot this week. 

this week...I am returning to the gym on the regular (motivated by the threat of losing the wellness $$ that my company kicks into my paycheck). 

this week...I am desperately tired of every.single.item of clothing that I own. 

this week...I am cooking yummy dinners. Pan Seared Scallops in a Whiskey Cream Sauce. Coconut Risotto with Shrimp. Sweet Potato Fritters. Lentil Tacos. Oh, and eggplant something-or-other (because it was pretty).

this week...I am doing the Oprah/Deepak Chopra Meditation Challenge.

this week...I am thankful for friends who don't judge, and who love me through the hard stuff.