2013 PL : week five.
oh how I love a 3 day weekend...

ventage tuesday : i pledge my love

VentagetuesdaysI think that I need to start writing my Tuesday posts on Monday. Otherwise, they end up dangerously close to Wednesday. Anyway. Today's Ventage Tuesday is about L-O-V-E. The Ventage Girls aren't all hearts & flowers, but we're sharing our love for 5 things/people/whatevs in our lives this week. My five...

1. The Internet. Seriously. I looooove the interwebs. Let's remember that I wouldn't even KNOW the Ventage Girls without the web. It's a magical place. I read a lot about taking digital sabbaticals...going 'unplugged' for a period of time....and I'm all "can't I just donate a kidney or something??" 

2. Coffee. The first sip of coffee each day is one of my favorite things ever. I often say aloud, "Oh my. That's good." I love the warmth, the taste, and the ritual. 

3. Possibility. I get giddy when I allow myself to think about all of the "what ifs" that are in front of me. Possibility is downright intoxicating. The notion that I can still, at forty-two, decide who/what/where I want to be is so amazing.

4. Words. I adore the written word in many forms - books, blogs, emails, texts, tweets - really, if I can type out words on my keyboard or phone, I'm smitten. For an introvert like me, words are things to be lovingly crafted & pondered. I often agonize over just the right combination of words. There's an element of indelibility in the written word that should be respected.

5. California. It's absurd that I haven't been to California in over a year. True story - each & every time I fly there, I get teary-eyed as soon as the pilot says "we've begun our descent." California is my history. It will always hold a piece of my heart. 

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