2013 PL : weeks three & four.
(2.4) this week.

Happiness Project : February

BlogbannerI tried to resist the obvious theme for February. I typically detest all the focus on hearts & flowers & forced declarations of affection. When I mentioned my Feb theme to one of my BFFs, her reaction was exactly what mine would typically be..."Eeeewwww, you celebrate Valentine's Day??" My answer? Well, this year, I do! That will be one aspect of my theme for the month - Culitvate Love.

February_love1. Send Valentine love. Who says that Valentines have to be romantic? I have several friends who have a lovely practice of sending cards each year - and I love receiving them. This year, I'm joining the party. 

2. Give love on Social Media. I read most blogs through Google Reader, and I'm not great about clicking through to leave comments. Ditto on Instagram, where it's so much faster to just click "like" instead of commenting! This month, I'm going to comment at least once per day. 

3. Practice self-love daily. This one will get a post of it's own in the coming weeks, but here's the gist - I'm going to be better about listening to what I need, and also allowing space for what I want. I love this list and also this one - definitely some great ideas. 

4. Meditate on Loving-Kindness. Drawing inspiration & teaching from Sharon Salzberg's work. 

What are you doing to celebrate love this month?