Happiness Project : March

happiness project : february review

BlogbannerOh, for the love. February's theme was "cultivate love." I set 4 goals - send Valentine love, give love on social media, practice self-love daily, and meditate on loving-kindness. Here's how the month went - 

Valentine Love - I did make & send Valentines, but sent them out a day later than planned, so they were probably late...and that stressed me out. Blech. I threw a "for the Love" party for co-workers, which was a lot of fun. I didn't get my act together enough to mail a Valentine box to Hope...and I feel terrible about that. :( I did very much like my simple Valentine decorations. :) 

Social Media Love - Hmmm. I did make it point to "like" and comment on Instagram often. I tried to comment on blogs more. Facebook is a black hole. I DID take the time to click around to blogs that were linked from blogs that I already love...and added several to my reader. Love that.

Practice Self-Love Daily - This month, self-love looked like sleeping. A lot. Fatigue hit me really hard, and some days "taking care of me" looked like falling into bed at 8. I'm making some supplement adjustments, and also eliminating gluten, in an effort to get some energy back. I feel like I did do an okay job of asking myself "what do you need right now? what do you want?"...and following that lead more often than not. 

Meditate on Loving-Kindness - I did incorporate several loving-kindness meditations into my practice. I also worked a lot on focused gratitude (I totally made that term up) - holding particular people in my mind's eye during meditation and thanking them for what they bring to my life. I think that gratitude is just lovely, so I call this one a solid win. 

I'm still tossing around March ideas - I've got one more day to decide. I'm open to suggestions!!