Happiness Project : February
ventage tuesdays : 5 things in my cart.

(2.4) this week.

this week...I am loving my fleece sheets. 

this week...I am super proud of Austin for getting a Student of the Month honor (again). 

this week...I am believing that all things are possible. 

this week...I am missing Hopey's hugs. 

this week...I am cheering friends on while they contempt making big leaps. 

this week...I am waiting for news of a new baby. Tracy snuggled Miss Hope as a newborn...and I so wish that I lived closer to celebrate her little one. 

this week...I bought myself pretty purple flowers. 

this week...I'm thinking about mala beads. Anyone have a favorite Etsy store that sells them?

this week...I'm drinking chocolate chili chai. SO good.

what's on your list this week?