farewell to 41.
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what people think.

If I've heard it once, I've heard it a hundred times - "stop caring what other people think." If you've ACTUALLY managed to do that, please raise your hand. Me? I care. I sometimes care WAY too much. I sometimes care enough to make me try a little (lot) harder to be my best self. 

I dealt with a difficult situation earlier this week that didn't leave me feeling like my best self. As I talked to one of my BFFs on my commute home, I confessed that I was worried that I didn't handle the situation "zen" enough, and that I was worried that failing to be calm in the face of stress made me a total fake. Becky talked me off the ledge (again) and made me promise to not let the negative energy carry into my birthday weekend. 

Yesterday, I was treated to 5 beautiful birthday blogs, written by Angie, Barb, Steph, and Em. I cried happy tears reading each & every one of them. I was grateful for their kindness, for sure, but I was also reassured by the ways that they see me. I actually gasped a couple of times at the realization that these girls, who I very rarely see in person, are seeing the me that I'm trying (so hard) to be. 

My point? That I care what people important to me think. And yesterday? I was grateful for the outpouring of well-wishes & cheer & love via social media, text messages, phone calls, emails, and the gathering of lovely friends at my house. 

Thank you.