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ventage tuesdays : RAKs

VentagetuesdaysI thought about skipping this post today. I'm feeling pretty bruised & broken today - my heart aching for another friend's loss (this is the 2nd friend who has lost a parent in the past week), feeling worried about the aforementioned home repairs, and trying to rise above the reality that some people just don't play nice in the sandbox. There were several times today that I whispered "help" to the universe....and each time, the universe showed up. Today's Ventage Tuesday post is supposed to be "Random Acts of Kindness." I honestly don't remember if we intended to list ideas for RAKs, or RAKs we have done, or what. Today, I want to share the (maybe not random) acts of kindness that showed up for me today...

1. An email from one of the Ventage Girls saying simply "are you okay? you seem down." Thet gesture of caring...and the willingness to read/listen that came along with it...helped a lot. Thank you Angie.

2. An email from one of my besties that I am fortunate enough to work with saying "wanna go for coffee in a few minutes?" Coffee runs = mini therapy sessions. Thank you Macaroni. 

3. As I was leaving work, I had a ton of noise in my head about the muck of the day. I struggled to bring my attention back, and when I did...I noticed that Soar was playing. Thank you Universe.

4. After leaving work late AND having to go to the bank AND having to go to Wal*Mart...I was wicked late heading toward home. I got a text from another bestie saying that she was just leaving work. Which means that I had someone to chat with who can say, and truly mean, "I know just how you are feeling, and it sucks, and I'm sorry." Thank you Becky.

5. I came home to a lovely box of Juice Beauty goodness from yet-another-bestie...this one from the beauty biz. Thank you Lauren.

and a bonus...

6. A simple vote of confidence and love from another bestie (I am a lucky, lucky girl in the friends department) saying "hang in there." Thank you Leigh.

So, as this Ventage Tuesday draws to a close, I am reminded that kindness matters...and I am grateful.