Happiness Project : January
farewell to 41.

ventage tuesday : 5 awesome things to do.

VentagetuesdaysHappy New Year from our little Ventage group! Today's topic was chosen by Barb - "5 Things to Do in 2013." Since Stephanie has dubbed this year "the Ventage Year of Awesome," here are 5 things that I think would be AWESOME to do this year...

1. Visit the Ventage Girls. I'm the outlier, up here in the northeast. Ventage headquarters is really Wisconsin/Illinois. I'm determined to take a road trip/train trip/ plane trip to get the band group together.

2. Take a few weekend trips to the beach. It's really not that far...and if I have company, the 3.5/4 hour drive will fly. (hint, hint: Colleen. Gina. Michelina.)

3. Find a signature cocktail. I'm certainly a fan of red wine, and Miss Angie introduced me to the beauty of the gin & tonic this year. I'd like to get creative and find a drink that I can call my own.

4. Attend (or maybe even HOST!) a pop-up dinner party. Note to Barb - I will need you to fly out for this. How amazing does that SF party look?? Swoon.

5. Go on a date. I feel like a giant geek even writing that! First, for anyone saying "but wait, didn't you JUST get divorced??" Uhm, no, I didn't. The falling apart (thank you, Stacey Morrison) happened over the course of several years. The legal part was merely the finale. And I'm not saying that I even want a relationship - I'd just like someone to compliment my outfit, open the car door, and pick out the wine. I'm easy like that. NO, not easy like that. Oh good grief, I should delete this one.

What awesome things do you have planned for 2013? See what Angie, Stephanie, Barb, and Em are up to...