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project life : the 2012 wrap-up.

2 things - 1) CONGRATS to Leslie on the Fiskars Giveaway (scroll to that post for details) and 2)this is going to be a long, photo heavy post. Go get a cup of coffee. I'll wait. 

I am now 99% done with 2012 Project Life. What's the 1%? Well, I need to add in our Christmas card, some photos from Costa Rica (yeah, from JULY!), and a few emails & stuff that I'll just slip into 8.5x11 page protectors for pure documenting purposes. As I mentioned on Twitter, it was painful to complete these last few weeks. It's a little like Christmas. It was fun & shiny, but once it's over, I just want a clean slate. So...weeks 48-52...

WEEK 48. Technically this was November...but I'm pretty literal about using the month the corresponds to Saturday. W48fullwinserts

The beginning of this week was rough - a HUGE announcement at work left me very unsteady. The week ended with one of Barb & Kat's Excellent Adventures - New York City style. Woot! 


Several inserts this week - one that you see in the full spread above - a 5x7 photo of the tree in Rockefeller Center. The back of that insert holds the super cute packaging for 2 Max Brenner chocolates. The next insert is just a business card holder that I used for biz cards, receipts, and misc stuff. Earlier in the year, I probably would have made sure that everything was backed with perfectly cut cardstock. Now? I used the shove-it-in method. Behind this insert is a 3rd insert that holds the playbook for Annie (looooved). 


W48 right side. I'm super fortunate to know Meredith, who is married to Harold Dieterle, who owns 3 restaurants...including Kin Shop. Needless to say, Barb & I were treated VERY well at Kin Shop. 


Including a close up of this one b/c I love Design Editor's glitter letters, AND b/c I totally didn't know that "herald angels" was a thing. I've always thought that the pause was AFTER herald...as in "hark the herald...angels sing." Seriously had no idea that it was really "hark!....the herald angels sing." Please tell me that I'm not the only one.

WEEK 49. I came home from NYC for one day, and then flew to Ohio. I also had a bunch of business dinners mixed in - I barely saw Austin for a week! 


I think that maybe I struggled with these weeks b/c they were so normal. There wasn't anything particularly festive going on, and I wasn't really feeling the "magic" of the season. I was, however, thrilled to come home to find that Austin had washed, dryed, and folded a load of towels. It's the little things. Since I spent a couple of days at BBW this week, I decided to grab some web images of my holiday work for them. 

WEEK 50. This week was very work-focused. The "top secret" space is just that...top secret, hidden from blog view. ;)


I've had the 9-to-5 Collection from October Afternoon for quite awhile - finally found a use for my fave sticker (although she looks like a secretary, and I'm not a secretary...but whatevs.) Oh, and OF COURSE I caught a typo after the card was printed. 


WEEK 51. Hopey came home! 


Again, lots of "normal" stuff - laundry, reading, starbucks. I did love this quote...


WEEK 52. I included Christmas through NY-Eve in this spread. I didn't intentionally change color schemes from the left to the right side, but I like that it ended up that way! 


I used my transition blog post as an insert - printed to approximately 6x11. 

I ended this album with a SUPER SIMPLE page - pictures of the two loves of my life, a quote that totally resonates these days, and a short view of the past year. 


Last, but not least, I took my OLW banner off of my bulletin board and added it directly onto the inside back cover. 

And with that, my friends...it's a wrap!