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2013 PL : weeks three & four.

Happiness Project : January Review

HappinessprojectheaderToday is the last day almost the end (getting ahead of myself!) of January...and I'm a little relieved. I mark winter days off of the calendar with a small celebration & a hefty dose of gratitude. One more day closer to spring.

January's Happiness Project resolutions - focused on habits - resulted in 3 wins, and 1 really good try. The wins = daily meditation, daily writing, and daily gratitude. The good try = supplements. 

Was I happier with daily meditation, daily writing, and daily gratitude? Absolutely. I was calmer. I was more centered. I craved my meditation time if I wasn't able to get to it in the morning. I noticed gratitude more in the moment, instead of having to search for things to write down at the end of the day. Not only did I write more frequently, but I just generally enjoyed words more. I edited my blog reader, and added a few new reads. I allowed more time to enjoy books. 

Now about those supplements....sigh. I'm going to chat with my naturopath about the most optimal time to take each of them, and try to split up the dosing into at least 4 times throughout the day. The sheer number of pills is daunting, and so I avoid it. 

I'm working on a post about my February theme, and I'm excited about getting started. I also want to note - I measure happy in small increments. I don't imagine that I will ever equate happy with happy-go-lucky. Happy, to me, is being able to experience laughter & tears, and know that they are both part of life. Just want to put that out there, lest anyone think that I'm not "walking the talk" if my blog isn't shiny-sparkle-pager all the time.