ventage tuesday : 5 awesome things to do.
what people think.

farewell to 41.


In a few hours, I will turn 42. Today was a crazy busy day, with extreme highs & lows, so I haven't had much time to reflect on the year that I'm leaving behind. It's a funny thing, having a birthday just after the new year...there's SO much reflection to be processed! As a final farewell to my 41st year, here are 41 things that I did/accomplished/experienced/etc (in no particular order!): 

1. made a LOT of risotto.

2. completed 50ish weeks of Project Life - the remaining 2 weeks will be completed this weekend.

3. honored my OLW

4. wrote - and followed - a manifesto.

5. bought a Kitchenaide - woot!

6. made bread.

7. skyped with Barb. often.

8. visited Kelly - a few times!

9. got a hot stone massage.

10. fell in love with sweet potato & kale tacos.

11. went to Starbucks more times than I'm willing to admit.

12. read a lot of books.

13. bought an iphone.

14. met Melanie!

15. had an MRI. 

16. voted in the Presidential election.

17. had a psychic reading

18. surprised my Mom & Dad with a visit.

19. meditated.  

20. read 50 Shades of Grey (don't judge).

21. drank a lot of Yogi Tea.

22. went to Costa Rica (!!!!) with Barb, Kelly, and Chloe.

23. totally failed at maintaining flower & veggie gardens.

24. celebrated my daughter's 20 birthday. 

25. went to the Farmer's Market (often with Colleen). 

26. was introduced to the beauty that is gin & tonic (thanks Angie!). 

27. practiced yoga. 

28. got 1st place in the 5K Walk for Women Helping Battered Women. 

29. saw Annie with Barb & Kelly

30. brunched at Penny Cluse. often.

31. was reunited with Tracy

32. saw a lot of great movies.

33. enjoyed many, many bottles of wine.

34. did the Color Run. 

35. saw Ingrid Michaelson in concert. 

36. won company bake-off challenges. twice. 

37. got divorced. and kept my family intact.

38. bought my house. 

39. went to Ohio 5x and NYC 6(?)x.

40. celebrated my son's 16th birthday. 

41. saw the (amazing) Dalai Lama speak. 

Wanna know something awesome? There's SO MUCH more that I could add to this list. I loved fiercely. I laughed a lot. And I lived the breadth & depth of it all. I am deeply grateful. 

Thank you so very much for sharing this journey with me.