sunday supper : roasted veggie pot pies
(1.28) this week.

2013 PL : week two.

Blogbanner W2fullWeek 2, and I'm reminding YOU that Project Life can be super-simple. 

W2leftWeek 2 included Hope's last 2 days at home. The kids & I went to our favorite cafe for breakfast. They always have a massive wait (so worth it), so we wandered over to Starbucks first. 

W2breakfastpantsDoesn't Hope's quote remind you of Joey & his turkey pants?

W2airportPL gives me a reason to use up all those cute October Afternoon stickers that I've collected. 

W2rightHey KP - I stamped!(Kelly likes to laugh at my fear of stamping.) That currently card is from the Seafoam digital kit (what I'm using this year)....I'm very much into birds right now as a reminder to SOAR (my OLW)

W2harpstersAm totally in love with the Dayplanner kit from One Little Bird & Paislee Press.

W2kaleHow often do you think that kale will appear in my 2013 Project Life? Banner made in photoshop with free fork & spoon art found on web. Oh, and for anyone wondering, the font that I used this week (and wll, often, b/c I love it) is Indy Pimp

Project Life is a super simple scrapbooking system developed by Becky Higgins. Learn more about it here. You can see all of my Project Life posts (2012 & 2013) here.