2013 PL : week two.
Happiness Project : January Review

(1.28) this week.

This week promises warmer temps and peeks of sunshine.

This week is busy with business functions on Tuesday & Thursday night. 

This week I am trying to break my coffee-at-night habit. (okay, honestly, tonight...I'm focusing on TONIGHT. baby steps, people.)

This week I am proud of myself for speaking truths, even though my voice shook & my eyes got teary.

This week is the end of January...small steps until Spring! 

This week I am drinking orange, grapefruit, carrot, & ginger juice. 

This week I am listening to Daylight on repeat...& swooning over the hotness that is Adam Levine.

This week I am posting a pic of myself so that my mother will forgive me for not calling. Hi Mom! 

What are you up to this week?