ventage tuesdays : no soup for you!
project life : the 2012 wrap-up.

(1.11) five on friday.

1. I attended a dinner last night honoring the President of the company that I work for. He exited the company as President at the end of the year (he's still an owner & will sit on the board). It was a wonderful surprise when the founder of the company (the man who hired me 14 years ago) showed up. To have both leaders - who are so different, yet alike in their influence on my work life & values - in the same room was such beautiful closure. 

2. I moved my meditation altar (shown above) back to my living room. I had moved it to my bedroom in early December, but kept feeling like I was fighting the space. It's still not in quite the right space in the room - but it's much better. Funny how that works, eh? (note - I know that the term "altar" will annoy some people. Not going to argue. To each his or her own.)

3. I fell in my driveway yesterday morning, thanks to a sheet of ice. I'm grateful that it didn't affect my hip & back. I was a little sore yesterday, but feel much better today! 

4. I absolutely, positively, MUST finish my 2012 Project Life this weekend. Honestly? I'm soooo over it. I love the project, but I don't like looking backward. I'm hating my Dec spreads for some reason. I'm ready to move on. Like, RIGHT NOW. Impatient much?? 

5. I've been gently re-directing my eating back to more green, more raw, more clean, more whole. The other night, I roasted some sweet potatoes, sauteed some kale & seitan, wrapped it all in corn tortillas and called it delicious. Austin & I ate every last bit. Good food is good.

Happy Friday friends!